Runaway (Larry)

*Old story I decided to finish*

"I love you, Louis." Harry said. He smiled wide, eyes sparkling. I looked at the old, rundown hotel, which used to be my home.
"Let's run away together." I say.


1. chapter 1: Patty Motel

Louis's POV

"So, you got that rent for me, deary?" Patty smiled, her yellow teeth showing under cracked lips.

"Yeah, here Patty." I said, handing her 35$. Patty Motel was a total cheapskate. I cost 35 a week.

"Thanks, louis. Your a doll." Patty croaked, lifting a cig to her lips. She puffed it out, waving goodbye. Her brown, greasy hair swayed out of view.

I closed my cracked, broken door. My room, number 432, was old and mucky. It had just one bed, with yellow sheets and a rusty head dresser. The blanket was rough and scratchy, but I was used to it. The old dresser, brown and ugly, had what little clothes I could spare tucked inside them. The bathroom, which was small and a awful grey paint job, had a toilet and a small shower. It was all I needed.

I walked over and plopped down on the bed, causing it to give a loud creak. It had the familiar smell if booze and cigarettes. I sighed, closing my eyes.

My hair was shoved back, and was messy and knotted. I needed a shower. But I'll to that later.

Lately Patty motel has been my home. Ever since I ran away, with just a bag of clothes and a stolen 900$ from my dad, I've lived here. Me and Patty were close. I was literally the only person who lived here right now, so I had a lot of freedom.

I had a job, too. I worked with cars in a old garage, working for a burly man named Mike. He gave me enough money to buy food and continue paying rent, as my 900 wouldn't last forever. I didn't need a bunch if clothes. This place had a washing machine, so I was good with what I had.

I had my iPhone, though. I only used to to text Mike and A recent friend named Liam. He knew about my runaway, and didn't care much about it. We were friends, ever since about six months ago. He worked for Mike, too.

I've been here about a year. And I must say I don't mind it. It's nice, private, and I can do whatever I want. Patty never gave two fucks what I did, as long as I paid my weekly.

My phone lit up.

Liam- hey bro, Mike needs you to work. We've got a bunch o people today. You good?

Yeah. Tell M I'll be right there.

I stood up, stretching my arms. I sighed. I was hoping to relax today, but I needed this job. I threw on a black muscle shirt, throwing my dirty white shirt on the floor. I put on some black skinny jeans, throwing on some black converse. I ran a hand through my hair, deciding it was going to get messed up anyway. No shower right now.

I stepped out into the hallway, locking my door. I jogged down the steps, almost smacking into another body. I looked up into bright blue eyes.

"Sorry, mate." The man said, an Irish accent seeping through. He had soft blonde hair, and clothes similar to mine.

"S'kay." I said, smiling. We nodded to each other, as I continued to the front door. The man walked up the stairs with a key. I stopped to Patty desk, where she held a cgi and looked through the check-in book.

"We finally have another guest?" I asked, gesturing toward the stairs.

"Sure do. Names Niall Horan. Talk to him later if ya want. Room 445." She said, coughing half way through. I nodded, walking out of the motel.

I stepped onto my motorcycle, which was all black. It roared to life, causing birds to scatter from trees. I sped out into the empty road, making my way towards the shop.

~four hours later~

" so, Irish dude, huh?" Liam said, pouring oil into a car.

"Yeah, he was pretty cute." I said. I've been openly gay since high school, when I was 16.

"Your a truly gay man." Liam chuckled, pulling a wrench out of a toolbox.

"So, you see the new guy?" Liam said, gesturing to a car across the shop.

By the red, rusty car, is a man, wearing a black T-shirt, with the sleeves rolled up. He wore the same black skinny jeans so tight it empathizes his hips. I couldn't see his face.

"Shit. What's his name?" I ask, tearing my eyes if the beauty.

"Harry styles. You digging it?" Liam teased, punching my shoulder. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to Liam. His muscles were huge, and he was overall sexy. But there were no real feelings.

"I guess. But don't worry, your still my main eye candy." I said, wiggling my eyebrows at him. He laughed, elbowing my ribs.

"Go talk to him, cause I'm kind done with your gay shit. My girlfriends getting mad." Liam chuckled, pushing me towards harry.

I sighed, smiling. I felt my heart flutter. It doesn't happen often, but I was sweating with nerves. I walked over, banging the car hood with my knuckle. He jumped, bolting upright.

His hair was in a quiff, brown with slight curls. He had trancing green eyes and a perfect face. He looked at me with a questioning look.

"Names, louis. Heard you were new. If ya need anything, ask me it Liam, that guy over by the car, cause mikes a dick. Cool?" I say nonchalantly, acting as if my heart wasn't racing.

"I know, he's a douche. Thanks, bro." Harry said, fist pumping me. "But before you leave, I saw you staring at me before. In a I-want-your-dick kind of way?" Harry smiled , cocking an eyebrow. I smirked.

"I'm a gay man, Styles. See you around." I said, winking . I turned around, strutting back to my car repair. I heard harry let out a low whistle as I felt his eyes on my ass. I laughed and smirked again.

I sat down, leaning against the car. I heard Mike yelling at George, but didn't take notice. He was always yelling at his employees.

"Well then. Have I been replaced?" Liam smirked, kicking my leg.

"Sorry to say, but yes. Styles is definitely on my menu, and I fully intend to make out with him soon." I say matter-of-factly. Liam laughed, shaking his head.

~that night, at Patty motel~

I stared at the cracked number, 445. It's golden shine was a ugly rusty brown now. The bumping music blasts through the door, telling me Niall was in here.

I knocked, leaning against the wall by the door. I heard footsteps pacing to the door. The door opened, revealing Niall, so wore only sweatpants. He had the same shades on from when I bumped into him.

"Hey, dude. What's up?" Niall said, giving me a smile. He was cute, but so was every boy I met. Besides, my mind was on Styles.

"Nothing. But nobody's lived here except me for the past year, it's wired seeing other people." I said, offering a smile back.

"I know. But, like, way for privacy. Wanna come In and play FIFA?" He asked, moving aside. I stepped inside.

We sat down on the creamy bed. His room was the same as mine, dirty and rusty. He turned on his Xbox, handing me a controller.

~five hours later~

We finished our pizza we had ordered an hour ago, cheering as our team won the game. By now we were close enough to be labeled dating, but we weren't. We had shared our stories about why were here, personal facts, and other stuff. Turns out he was bi.

Niall was here because his family gave him up, because they didn't want him.he had an older brother, Greg, who was given up too. Niall didn't know where he went. He came here, and worked in a video game shop.

"Yo, dude, can I crash here? My rooms to far." I yawned, laying back on the bed.

"It's about a hallway down, but yeah sure." Niall chuckled, shutting off the xbox. He threw the controller on the ground, laying beside me.

He fell asleep, but I kept thinking about Harry. He was cute, witty, sexy, handsome, funny, sarcastic and so much more. I eventually fell asleep, curled up in Niall's arms. There was nothing between us, but it was cold in this motel.

Here's the first chapter! Hope it didn't suck to bad. Please no Larry haters! I'm not even that much of a Larry shipper, but I just thought it would be fun to write this story, K? Thx for reading, bros! >:)

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