shes alone, upset, and wants to alone, so she decieds to leave home away from her terrible foster home.


1. The Horror.

I couldnt take it anymore. My foster home, my who i thought where my friends and i thought was my boyfriend. Everybody left me. My birth parent gave me up when i was a newborn, i heard my foster parens saying they couldnt handle me. I am bullied by my foster siblings Jason and Marley Jason is the oldest he is only 16. Im 14 and Marley is 11. My foster dad was nice to me until he died 2   years ago. Since then everything wentt down hill. At school i recntly had  thought gotten a boyfriend.He has Dark brown hair and blue eyes. My suposably 2 best friends Cynthia and Karina had ditched me for the poplar group. 


"YOU FUCKEN LITTLE SLUT!!" I heard my foster mom say when she found out that i had a boyfriend. Apperently he was my first or so i thought. 


*At School* 

"hey" i heard. i looked around to see it was Isreal. My so called boyfriend. i thought he was talking to me when i saw he approached Karina. They kissed! In front of me! I was so upset i ran out of school crying! Karina and her group approched me. As i look around i see there is a group forming around us. 

"You little slut!" she chuckeld. "you really thought Isreal likes you? Aww poor girl." 

I can only hear laughter from the group around me. I was to afriad to look up, and show them i was crying.

I ran home finding my foster mom, or Sarah, was her name, on the couch smoking weed. I think she already knew what happend because she sarted laughing once she saw my face blood red, and watery eyes. i ran upstairs. cried into my pillow. 

"JUST KILL YOURSELF ALREADY!!" i heard Marley and Jason say outside my door. "NOBODY LIKES YOU!"  I couldnt take it anymore! I ran to my bedroom bathroom, found a sharp razor and cut my self what seemed a couple times but was more then10 was all i could count because i was tearing up already. i could see blood driping everywhere. on the counters. floor. before i new it i blacked out.


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