Do you understand?

These are poems based on my personal experiences. Some I've lived, some I've witnessed.


8. The Song That Should Be Sung

There are stories.
Always stories.
Rumors, lies, hate, love,
Some good, some bad.
But since when has there ever been a good rumor?
It's like people are too ignorant to see the lies being put in their face.
And don't see how bad it hurts someone to help spread rumors about them.
But kids are cruel.
They don't care.
Nowadays, all anyone cares about is hurting someone else to make themselves feel better.
It's sick, it's cruel.
Everyone has a story. Everyone has a life.
Don't make them take that life because of your stupid bullshit.
You don't know anything about the person, so why do that to them.
You wanna know why?
Because you're a bully.
An insecure, heartless, mean, demented asshole who does it for fun.
You know what?
Fuck you.
Fuck everyone that thinks it's okay to make fun of someone for their differences.
Fuck you.
The one that call kids emo because they self harm.
Fuck you.
The ones that can't understand not everyone wants to listen to Lil Wayne and Katy Perry.
Fuck you.
For the one's that just can't seem to realize we're all different.
Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.
And no, that's not an invitation.

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