Do you understand?

These are poems based on my personal experiences. Some I've lived, some I've witnessed.


5. The Scars on Our Wrists


The Scars on Our Wrists,
Our heads in a twist,
The sadness we feel,
The pain in our hearts,

Up from our stomach,

The anxiety starts.
The feeling of want, the feeling of need,
The wanting to kill the hatred seed.
So you pick up the blade, I do it too,
And made the cut deep, and watched the blood flow through.
It's all your fault,
You're the reason why
The world around is like an inferno outside.
It's like hell boiling in
Hell taking over
And everywhere you look
The Devil is over your shoulder.
Who is this Devil?
The one that you see?
The Devil is depression.
And the victim is me.
So to release the demons inside of me,
I pick of the blade and cut the skin deep.
No deep enough to kill, but deep enough to know
The life I'm living is hell, and it's not my time to go.
Why? People ask.
They thought you where so happy.
Making everyone else smile
While you feeling the vile effects of the world, the depression, the pain
The thing telling you "Go Deeper." inside of your brain.
And you want help, you really do.
But you don't anyone who could help you.
So you sit there silent,
You don't speak to a soul
Wearing hoodies and jackets
Like your living in a place filled with snow.
But then one day someone looks over.
Sees the pain you're dealing with inside.
They look at you there, dead in the eyes.
I know how you feel,I'm here for you
Because in case you haven't noticed
I have Scars on My Wrist too.


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