Do you understand?

These are poems based on my personal experiences. Some I've lived, some I've witnessed.


2. In The End...

This is the story of a girl
Whom everyone thought loved the world.
I guess they just couldn't see,

the bullying, and name calling plaguing me.
Lesbein, Fat, Emo, Whore
From the moments she walked through the door.
Why they did it? She never knew.
She just picked up the blade and drew.
The lines she cut into her skin, the pain that she would give in.
No one knew, no one tried
To stay and be there by her side.
But when they asked if she was okay
She would smile and walk away.
All the sudden everyone cared
Said they knew the pain she bear.
Tried to help, and make her see

She was beautiful as could be.
She started to get better and better until,
He decided to make the kill.
He killed her feeling, left her there
Her heart exposed, her feelings there.
As soon as she would start to mend,
That's when he and his friends, would call her names 
Would make her cry
And no one seemed to stop the guy.
So she just took it, let it roll.
Until one day, she couldn't hold
The anger she felt back anymore.
and punched his face.
Adam Moore.
In The End
He stopped his strife
Afraid she'd come after him with a knife.
You deserve to be heard
Speak up if people are acting like jerks.
It's not stitching, baby I swear.
It's how to get assholes out of your hair.

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