Do you understand?

These are poems based on my personal experiences. Some I've lived, some I've witnessed.


3. Everything Gets Better <3

Sometimes I wonder why.
Sometimes I wonder how.
Sometimes I wonder how somethings can turn completely upside down.
And then I remember that people are selfish
And don't give two fucks

About what's going on and the things that mess you up.
You smile through it, and act like you're okay

But really your dying inside.
Just waiting for a day,
a day to end your life and wash away the pain.
But then you start to think,
And wonder how and when.
And then you finally realize,
Everything Gets Better In The End <3.
It may not seem like it,

Like the end is so far away.
Like all your suffering will never linger away.
You cut, you cry, you die inside
And lock you left away.
And wonder why and when you'll ever be okay.

And then you meet a friend

To save you from it all.
A friend to make things better and catch you when you fall.
You look at them and always say
I love you and I'm glad YOU decided to stay.
I guess by now you've realized

The point I'm trying to make.
So in case you didn't know,
Everything Gets Better, okay?

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