Do you understand?

These are poems based on my personal experiences. Some I've lived, some I've witnessed.


1. Darling You'll Be Okay.

Things Happen,

People Change.

Nothing you feel is ever the same.
Days go by.
Years and years,
Filled with sadness, heart break and tears.
He meant the world to you,
and left you there.
Out in the open, and none cared.
Your beating heart began to bleed
A gaping hole you soon received.
The things that happen are sad and true
and no doubt they affected you.
But from experience I can say
Darling, You'll Be Okay.

As you can see, as time goes by
You meet someone new
A better guy
He treats you right, make you feel loved.
he gives you the greatest, warmest hugs.
You're so happy and joyful 'til
Everything starts to go down hill.
The feelings change, you hearts at war,
With your brain, and choices are poor.
You start to fight, and cry and break.
Wondering what was your mistake.
He becomes too much for you to bear
so you decided to leave me there.
You feel so bad, so down, so blue.
And you know he still loved you.
But in all honesty
I'll always know it wasn't me.
It used to ruin my entire day,
But from experience
Darling You'll Be Okay

Now you know you're not alone.
Stories like this should be told.
To all the girls that feel the same,
I can relate, I know your pain.
I promise every night and day
Darling You'll Be Okay.

He'll come for you
He'll treat you right
Tell you you're beautiful every night.
Love you perks and your flaws
Stay beside you no matter what the cause
He'll hold you tight and kiss your head
Make your cheeks turn bright red

And it will be his place to say

Darling You'll Be Okay

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