Our Time

Niall has an alcohol and drug problem, the band finds a problem with it and he is forced to leave. He becomes an all around bad person, no friends, his family doesn't even acknowledge him as a relation to them. Then he runs into Kristen. A gorgeous girl who hides behind fake feelings. She doesn't understand how to let out her feelings but soon learns with Niall. Who knows if he will ever change


11. We almost had a good day


  A/N Btw, this chapter might be a little emotional. Just sayinnnnnn.


The marks we leave are too often scars. Though they are breakable,

we make them unmendable.


 *1 Week later*

  Kristens p.o.v.

 Niall has been to the doctor a lot. He seems healthy. He looks healthy. He almost looks like the old Niall, he just has an oxygen tank with him 24/7. Today, we are going to the park. He hasnt been out like this in... well I dont even know. 

"Are you ready to go to the park Niall?" I asked grabbing his arm.

"Im so excited. I miss fresh air. I am so exited to feel wind. Like seriously." He laughed. It was a good laugh, there was no coughing. 

We reached the park and found a big tree to sit under.

"Niall?" I said leaning against him on the tree stump.


"Will you describe the trees to me?" I said closing my eyes.


"I dont know, I just love your voice."

He chuckled a bit.

"Well then close your eyes," He settled a bit.

"Trees, they're huge. Sprawling out everywhere, no two trees exactly the same. The green leaves provide a gorgeous shade. Its really gorgeous actually. Something so simple holding such a big part in this world."

"What do you mean playing a big part?" Obviously they provide oxygen, it was just an excuse for him to talk more.

"Well, as of right now, this tree is the most important tree Ive ever seen. Because Im some what healthy and Im with you. Your gorgeous, the tree is gorgeous, it adds up into something pretty big." He put his arm around me and kissed the top of me head. And I looked up at him. Both kind of looking each other in the eyes. It lasted for a while, I studied his face honestly. Putting my palm on his cheek I sat up a bit and went for it. He didnt reject, we lightly kissed and I leaned back a bit looking at his features. His face, it was so soft. He wasnt a big or broad person.

"Why are you staring at me Kristen?" He smiled.

"Your kind of gorgeous yourself. Im not sure what it is but you know, your just perfect." I leaned back on him and smiled. 

"Want some ice cream?" I asked.

"Oh my gosh Kristen, holy crap. Yes I want some ice cream." He laughed.

"Stay here Ill go get it." I stood up and walked a good 100 feet away to the ice crem stand.  I figured he would want vanilla. 

"two vanilla cones please." He handed them to me after about 3 minutes. I started walking back looking at the cones trying not to let them drip all over my hands. I looked up and I saw Niall laying down. He looks so cute. I reached the tree and tapped his shoulder. 

"Iceeeee creeeeaaaaam!" He didnt move. 

"Niall?" I tapped his back with my shoe. He still didnt move. At this point I threw down the ice cream and I turned him over and his eyes were closed. 

"Okay Niall, stop joking around." I tried to sit him up, but he was too heavy for me. I let him lay back down and noticed blood on my hand. His mouth has bleeding. Something was up. I quickly called for help.

"Someone help me! He isnt waking up! Blood is coming from his mouth!" I screamed and tried sitting him up again. Imediatly people ran over, 3 or 4 people. I called 911.

"911 whats your emergency?"

"Hello? Yes. My boyfriend, we are in Johnson Park, he wont wake up and there is blood coming from his mouth." I said shakily. One of the people there was checking for pulse and heart beat. 

"Okay, stay on the phone until the ambulance get there."


"Okay, is he breathing maam?"

I handed the phone to the guy who was checking him.

"Yes, he has a slow heartbeat and a very low pulse." The man said.

I heard sirens. I called Harry when the paramedics got there. The boys showed up in a matter of minutes. I was balling my eyes out. Harry ran to me and held me in his arms. I cried into his chest. I knew they were carrying him to the ambulance, I couldnt watch that.  

"Harry he was fine one second. And when I turn around he is out." I say crying looking up at him.

"Shhhhh. Dont worry itll be okay." he hugged me tighter.

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