Our Time

Niall has an alcohol and drug problem, the band finds a problem with it and he is forced to leave. He becomes an all around bad person, no friends, his family doesn't even acknowledge him as a relation to them. Then he runs into Kristen. A gorgeous girl who hides behind fake feelings. She doesn't understand how to let out her feelings but soon learns with Niall. Who knows if he will ever change


14. Waiting Through the pain


Youve got a restless heart you know, I can see it in you. You wont take a break. 

You honestly a hopeless romantic. 

Ive been looking for you my whole life. And I think Im in love with that.


  Kristens p.o.v.

 Its been 3 hours. How much longer can it be? I need to calm down. I must have been shaking or something because Harry put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a worried look.

"Harry dont you even give me that look. You know your scared about it too." I gave him a stern look and continued looking down the hall waiting for him to come back.

"Of course we are worried and scared. But you arent scared like we are. We are scared about him. Honestly I think your scared for him. We are shookin up but you look like you could break at any moment."

He stood up holding out his arms and I gave him a long hug. probably a minute or two, just standing there. Trying to let tears fall.

"I am scared for him." I whispered. 

"Guys," Louis stood up as a nurse rolled a bed past us. I ran up and there was Niall. I imediatly burst into tears. But they were somewhat happy tears. I tried to follow them into an icu room but they wouldnt let me. I walked back to the boys and we had to wait for Niall to wake up.

About 30 minutes passed and A nurse came and took me back to him.

"2 people at a time." She stated.

"You go ahead. We will go after you." Liam said. I smiled a bit because they knew how important he is to me. I walked in and his eyes openned a bit. He looked helpless. As soon as he noticed me he tried to sit up and I rushed over for him to lay back down.

"Hi Niall, are you okay?" I grabbed his hand and sat down. 

He coughed a bit before talking.

"H-hi Kristen." He smiled a bit before coughing again.

"You dont need to talk. I know your in some pain, dont worry about talking for a while okay, I will be right here." He smiled a little more, restless. His eyes were so heavy that he could barely keep them open.

"Do you want to get some rest?" I asked him.

He shook his head no.

"You need some." 

"I need to- to tell you some-something." He said strugling. 

"Dont talk, its too painful." I looked at him a little upset.

"N-no." he coughed a little. starting to sound a little more normal, but still not quite there.

"I need t-to say th-this." He grabbed my hand.

"Kristen, I love you." He kissed my hand and started drifting into sleep.

"You said that just because you know your about to fall asleep. watching too many chick flicks." I joked and he smiled pretty big and nodded yes. He started to fall asleep.

"I love you too." He was jolted a bit when I said that and the heart monitor he was hooked up to spiked a bit which made me laugh. And he fell asleep.

I walked back out to the guys with a smile on my face.

"He fell back asleep, but you guys can still go see him." They took their turnsand we were all at ease. But I couldnt get that smile off my face. I was in love, and someone loved me back. Harry seemed to know what happened because he winked at me when I smiled.

"What?" I said giggling.

"Something happened back there. What was it hmmmm?" He said nudging my arm.

"...He loves me." An even bigger smile grew on my face and Harrys eyes grew wide.

"He said that?" He was surprised.


"Niall loves someone. Wow. Im so happy." The others smiled and they decided to take turns going home and sleeping. I stayed right where I was, mostly becasue I didnt think I could move. Because that was such a cheesy moment. And frankly, I didnt ever want it to end.

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