Our Time

Niall has an alcohol and drug problem, the band finds a problem with it and he is forced to leave. He becomes an all around bad person, no friends, his family doesn't even acknowledge him as a relation to them. Then he runs into Kristen. A gorgeous girl who hides behind fake feelings. She doesn't understand how to let out her feelings but soon learns with Niall. Who knows if he will ever change


6. The News part 1


  Nialls p.o.v.

 I woke up feeling a sharp pain in my lungs. It hurt to breath. Probably just slept wrong, or some drainage. I shrugged it off and made a bowl of cereal. Maybe she will be there today. Sitting in that seat looking gorgeous. Something about her made me feel different. Like I could be a new person. I just wish I could find her. I wish she would come back to my house, she knows where I am. I think I am falling for her. Love is indefinent and improbable. It is the center of the universe and makes the world go round. Cliche it is but I cant shake this feeling. Finishing my cereal my lungs still hurt. Breathing becomes harder. Maybe it is a cold. I guess Ill go to the doctor and see whats up.

I got dressed and headed to the doctor. I am sure I just need some antibiotics or something.

"Hey doc."

"Hello Niall, what seems to be the problem?" He said sitting on a stool.

"I woke up this morning with my lungs hurting, having some trouble breathing."

He wrote down what I said and felt my chest with his stethascope. Taking in every breath, it felt raspy. Like there was something stuck in my lungs trying to crawl out.

"Well, it seems just like a normal cold. Could be some short term affects of medication with alchohol. Have you takin anything with alchohol lately?"

"No Doc, I have only had some beers."

"Well, just take stuff like tylonol and dayquill until you feel better. Dont drink as much. Call me if you feel worse and we will put you in for a catscan."

"Alright thanks."

I went over to starbucks and kind of hung around there for the rest of the day. Nothing happened so I went home, took some meds and watched some tv for a couple hours.


*2 weeks later*

I feel so much worse. I havent been able to see if she has been around. She hasnt come over. I decided to go ahead and call the doctor and schedule the scan. Im really worried and stress of not seein or hearing from Kristen isnt helping.

"Hey dr. its Niall. I would like to go ahead and schedule the scan."

"Oh Niall, not feeling any better huh? Alright. Well just had someone cancel so there is an openning scan tomorrow morning at 8."

"Alright, Ill be there. Thanks doc."

I hung up and slept for the rest of the day.

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