Our Time

Niall has an alcohol and drug problem, the band finds a problem with it and he is forced to leave. He becomes an all around bad person, no friends, his family doesn't even acknowledge him as a relation to them. Then he runs into Kristen. A gorgeous girl who hides behind fake feelings. She doesn't understand how to let out her feelings but soon learns with Niall. Who knows if he will ever change


10. The Band

Decieving is believing. We see things we want and hear things we want.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


 Kristens p.o.v.

 I got in contect with Harry and he talked the guys into coming and seeing Niall.The guys agreed only if they could bring along a couple friends. Turns out its Louis and Zayns girlfriends.

I let Niall sleep for a bit and get ready for the boys and meeting their girlfriends. I grabbed a shower because I had been sitting at his bedside for two straight days. I actually decided to put on some make up because I looked like I hadnt slept. The boys showed up and we made our way to Nialls bedroom. I didnt even really introduce myself to any others, it wasnt important. Niall had been kicked out of the band but I could easily tell that the boys still cared for him. As soon as they saw him, they saw how he changed. They could see that he hadnt eaten in days. Harry and Liam started crying. Louis and Zayn managed to be touugh in front of their girls who were wrecked even though they never met Niall. They all kind of just watched him for a while. Until Niall woke. He perked up a bit and sat up. I knew he is just in a bad stage right now and that in a few days he will be able to get up and walk around with his tank. But seeing him at that moment, it was so sad.

"Hey mate, how are you?" Liam said walking up to him and sitting next to his bed.

He struggled a bit, but got some words out. Mostly just Hi, then he would just kind of smile and shake his head. All the boys said hello and then I saw his eyes fall on the two girls standing in the back of the room.

"Niall, these are Louis' and Zayn's girlfriends." 

For the first time he managed to get out a sentence.

"How did-did you guys meet?" He said coughing a bit.

Zayn stood up first and grabbed his girlfriends hands.

"Niall, I want you to meet Katy. I met her while visiting my mum. She is the new neighbor to them and I wanted to welcome them properly. When I saw her, she glowed. It was astonishing how fast I fell. I couldnt keep focus enough to hear her freaking out about how Zayn Malik was in her house." He looked over at her and smiled. She smiled and looked down at the floor. Blushing a lot.

Louis stood up.

"This is Kaiya. I met her at a signing. You know how those go, screaming fns," he laughed a little. "I think you'll chuckle about this one mate. Well the signing was over and I had to go to the lou. So the boys got in the cars waiting on me and when I walk out of the lou there is this girl following me giggling and looking so creepy. It was terrifying honestly. I finally turned around and she ran and hugged me. It was honestly an awesome hug really. But during that hug, this sneaky girl took my phone. And I soon found her twitter a few days later and agreed to give it back if I would go to dinner with her. I agreed and got it back. I honestly fell for her quickly. Isnt that funny, we used to talk about "falling for our stalkers"."

He tried to laugh but couldnt. He just smiled really big, I hadnt seen that smile in weeks.

"So love, since Niall cant talk so much, care to tell us how you two met?" Harry asked.

"Well, talking about stalkers..." I took a pause and everyone laughed. I walked over and leaned against Nialls bed and noticed him staring at me smiling and blushing. ADORABLE!

"Well, I used to be a very VERY shy person and I finally got some courage to actually leave my house. Crazy I know. Well I went to Starbucks because the truth is Im a White girl at heart." I tried to joke around, and it worked. I caused everyone to giggle. It caused me to do a fist pump in my head.

"And well it was probably 11 am or so, I was reading I believe. Sipping on my carmel mocha. Which btw is freaking amazing. But I was sadly almost done with it. And well I saw this guy pass by staring at me. It creeped me out. But then he came back and wouldnt leave me alone. He talked me into going with him on a walk and ended up bringing me here." I paused and the boys gasped. 

"NIALL! THATS NAUGHTY!" Liam shouted. Niall laughed hysterically and I took some pride into that.

"We watched a movie, thats all. We werent even like cuddling. But it was interesting. And thats sort of when I fell. I had myself convinced that it was a bad idea to fall for someone like him. So I stayed away, for like 2 weeks. But then I racked enough mental and emotional strength to come back her about a week ago and I came here to see him like this. I havent left since." He pulled me next to him and layed his head on my shoulder. It was sweet how he valued me in such a way. Treated me like a delicate little flower that would fall through his hands if he wasnt too careful. The boys seemed to be a little down when I pointed out what happened a week ago. 

"I hope you guys know, he will be able to start walking soon. He will look healthy again. This kind of just hit him hard. He stopped drinking and smoking though. And I dont think he has wanted any since." I looked at Niall and he smiled.

"I dont want any of that stuff again. Because this happened because of it." He actually sounded normal. It was gorgeous. His voice, it was deep and flowing. I wish he could just read me a book and I could just fall asleep to his voice.

The guys looked happy. 

"So I guess that means when your well enough you might come back to the band?" Louis asked.

Nialls face went from smiling to a straight face. I dont think he was happy. And I dont know why.

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