Our Time

Niall has an alcohol and drug problem, the band finds a problem with it and he is forced to leave. He becomes an all around bad person, no friends, his family doesn't even acknowledge him as a relation to them. Then he runs into Kristen. A gorgeous girl who hides behind fake feelings. She doesn't understand how to let out her feelings but soon learns with Niall. Who knows if he will ever change


20. city's night screams


kristen niall will be fine. harry said to me "how do you know that!" i screamed 


kriste- "NO HARRY DONT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!" i screamed as i ran out the hospital door's. i realize there trying to comfort me but that does nothing then i found myself in a totality different part of the city i couldn't even see the hospital anymore "oh what have i done" i whispered to myself it was getting dark too "ok now I'm screwed" i knew what goes on in the city at night.



"where is she!?" i asked we have been looking all over the city for kristen except the bad part of the city we know she wouldn't go there. yea where is she? louis replied you don't think she's in the bad part of the city? "she wouldn't go there i know it" well maybe she did they all said "can we just all agree that she isn't!" ok fine the all said at the same time. "great its pitch black out here and we haven't even found her yet" do you think she has her phone? zayn said

"is he the only smart person right now? can you call her phone?" sure liam said (After 5 minutes of calling her) still going to voice mail. liam said again. "lets go back to the hospital and look for her tomorrow" ok they all replied.



ok lets see i have a bruise on my waist and my phone is broken and one twisted ankle as if I'm not in enough pain already "i still have my pocket knife with me so thats a upside" are the boys even looking for me? after i yelled at them they probably didn't even bother too. then i fell to the ground it hurt like hell. hey are you ok? i heard a woman's voice "yea just tripped thats all" i said as she lifted me up. with that bruise and twisted ankle I'm sure your not ok. "wait how do you know i have a twisted ankle and a bruise?" isn't it obvious your shirt is half ripped and you where limping so I'm sure your hurt why are you in this part of the city anyway? "i don't know i was running away from my friends and i just found myself here last night and i got attacked"

why would you run from your friends? she asked "they didn't understand what i was going though so i got angry at them yelled and ran so that about sums up my day...whats your name?" oh its tracy nice to meet you.. "kristen" oh nice to meet you kristen. now where did you come from i can get you back "the hospital" what? "my other friend is there" oh ok well thats not far. she said then i passed out. [30 minutes later] kristen? "tracy?" hey lay down 

"where are we?" the hospital what happened back there you passed out i had to carry you all the way here "i got to get out of here!" WHOA KRISTEN CALM DOWN! why are you in a rush?

"my friend he's here i got to see him" then i heard a scream like niall's scream. "NIALL!" "tracy you got to get me out of here now!" ok ok just hold on. then she screamed for the nurse and the nurse got me out of the bed and i slipped my clothes on. "tracy that scream where did it come from?" the surgery room why? "thats my friend c'mon  we got to go see him now!"

and when we got there it was screams like nothing i'v never heard then i heard a long beep

"oh my...no no no no no!" then i saw the boys rush in the surgery room i hid and saw them next to niall. "tracy get me out of here now i can't do this" alright lets go. she said 


we hung out at Starbucks getting to know each other and i just forgot about everything tracy just whipped it all away. then she told me her story about her friend.ok so get this john takes his book and just paints cats on every page and at the end he wrote CATS NEED KIT KAT! i found it funny and me and her laughed our heads off like no one else could so everyday for a week we hung out at Starbucks and barns and nobel we read to each other and told our life story's we became friends over that time and i was very lucky to have her as a friend we also got a job at a bakery and got about ten dollars a hour to where we each had enough to buy a new laptop. but me and her never bothered to go back to that hospital but we found out niall was alive so that made me feel better.


*hope you all enjoyed my first chapter as CO-AUTHOR -SeattleGirlPunzie125-





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