The Love of a Blood-Sucking Prince. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

No one ever believed that vampires existed until an attack happens at a local school. These vampires were asleep were almost a million years. The only reason they attacked the school was because for blood for their Vampire Prince. But, they meet a girl that falls in love for the Vampire Prince. And when the Prince gets kidnapped, she risks her life to save him. Will she be able to save him or be bitten into a Vampire?


13. What Surprise?

  *Nighttime, 9:30pm*

  I was walking around the castle since the boys went hunting for blood. I felt so alone since I was the only human around here. But, it looked like no one was around. I was scared that Derek and his men were going to come and kidnap me. That's when I started to hear noises. And my paranoia went up. I looked around.

  "W-Who's here?!" I yelled out, "Show y-y-yourself!"

  I looked and nothing showed up. Maybe paranoia controlled me. I continued to walk until someone behind me hugged me from behind from the waist. I shrieked, took an arrow from behind and put it to the person's neck.

  "L-Let me g-go," I said in fear, "Before N-Niall comes and k-kills you."

  "Guess again," The person said with a smile.

  I looked to see Niall! I gasped as I dropped the arrow away from his neck. Now, he probably thinks I want to kill him. I made myself turn to him face-to-face and he was still smiling.

  "Niall!" I said, "I'm so sorry! Please forgive me."

  "Relax will you?" Niall smiled.

  "Sorry," I said.

  "Stop it," Niall smiled.

  I smiled and started walking with Niall. As I walked, he slowly grabbed my hand while putting his fingers in between mine. But, we passed by my room. I wanted to go sleep. But, instead we got to his room and gave me some bag with something inside it.

  "Change into this," He smiled, "And meet me downstairs."

  "For?" I asked with a confused smile.

  "It's a surprise," Niall smiled.

  "I hate surprises," I smiled, "Unless it's my birthday or Christmas."

  "See you in 5 minutes," Niall smiled, turning me towards the door.

  Before I could say or do anything, I get pushed into the room and the doors are slammed closed. What the hell Niall?! A boy is not suppose to push a girl. A boy is suppose to bring the girl into the room and then, slam the door.

  "Oh vampire boy," I said to myself, "Whatever. What is in this bag thingy?"

  I starred at the bag thingy for a while. Finally, I unzipped the zipper. When I undid the zipper, my eyes grew big. This was so beautiful!

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