The Love of a Blood-Sucking Prince. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

No one ever believed that vampires existed until an attack happens at a local school. These vampires were asleep were almost a million years. The only reason they attacked the school was because for blood for their Vampire Prince. But, they meet a girl that falls in love for the Vampire Prince. And when the Prince gets kidnapped, she risks her life to save him. Will she be able to save him or be bitten into a Vampire?


19. What A Bitch.

  *Shafa's P.O.V*

  I woke up from fainting and got up from the floor. I looked around to see blood and dead bodies everywhere!! It smelt like a garbage dump in here. And all these bodies are making me cringe, it's gross. But, who did this? But, mostly where's Jenny?! I ran straight ahead to see if Jenny was at her locker.

  'Jenny,' I thought, 'Where the fuck are you?!'

  All of a sudden, I bumped straight into someone. I fell on my back and stopped my head from hitting the floor. Thank God I didn't land on the stitches that were on my lower back. But, my back killed like a bitch.

  "I'm sorry," The person said, giving me their hand, "Are you okay?"

  I recognize that voice! I smacked his hand away from me. Usually, I would take the help and thank him, but this guy. It's not happening. If he hurts my girl, I hurt him. I hate when boys hurt my baby.

  "You!" I yelled at him, "I don't need your help!"

  "Woah," He said, "What did I do?"

  "You hurt my best friend's heart you bitch," I said, getting up.

  "Huh?" He said,confused.

  "Don't play stupid with me," I said, "I'm not retarded."

  "I seriously don't know what you're talking about," He said.

  "You broke her fucking heart!" I yelled louder at him.

  "How?" He asked, "We weren't even dating."

  "You don't have to date her to break her," I said, "A girl's heart is fragile. You can't just stop playing with it after you're bored."

  "He can do whatever he wants," A girl's voice said.

  We all turned to her. It was Jenny's crush's girlfriend. She got to him and kissed him passionately. I rolled my eyes in disgust. I did not need to see them slop their tongues all over their faces.

  "Okay," I said, "You can stop now."

  Finally, they stopped. Them kissing disgustes me so much.

  "Now," The girl said, "Get out of our faces."

  "Bitchface," I said, "Don't tell me what to do."

  "Fine," She said, grabbing her boyfriend's arm, "Let's go."

  "Tell me if you find Jenny," He said, walking with his girlfriend.

  "Hell fucking no," I said, running again to find Jenny.

  'What a bitch!' I thought.

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