The Love of a Blood-Sucking Prince. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

No one ever believed that vampires existed until an attack happens at a local school. These vampires were asleep were almost a million years. The only reason they attacked the school was because for blood for their Vampire Prince. But, they meet a girl that falls in love for the Vampire Prince. And when the Prince gets kidnapped, she risks her life to save him. Will she be able to save him or be bitten into a Vampire?


35. The Next Queen.

  *5 minutes pass*

  I heard cheering and Derek. What's going on? I opened my eyes to see a fucking crowd! I was not ready for this! I found myself on a wooden chair with my ankles and wrists tied up on the chair! I struggled hard. Derek just laughed.

  "You are not escaping this," Derek laughed.

  "Watch me," I said.

  "If you do," He said with his face in mine, "All these villagers will kill you."

  I gave him a dirty look. People like these piss me off so badly I want to take a gun and shoot them in the face.

  "Now," He said, turning to his villagers, "You can go back to what you were doing while I bring the Queen to her new home."

  I gasped. He looked at me with the corner of his eyes with an evil smile and snapped his fingers. The moment he snapped his fingers, I fell right back asleep. What's the point of using that sleeping magic if there's only one castle here in this stupid village.

  "Night night," Derek smiled evilly, "My Queen."

  *10 minutes pass*

  "Have any 5's?" Timothy asked.

  "Pass," Thalia said, looking at her cards.

  "Dammit," Timothy said, "I told you that you say goldfish!"

  "Do I care?" Thalia said, "No. So, shut it!"

  Niall was just starring at the wall that was in his cell with his head in his hand and sighed. Then, he looked at Thalia and Timothy, arguing.

  "Is this your idea of torture for me?" He asked.

  "Why? Is it torturing you?" Thalia smiled evilly.

  "No, it's not," Niall sighed.

  "We'll start!" Timothy said.

  "A wall can do a better job of torturing me than you two," I said.

  "Shut up!" They both said.

  "Silence," Derek said in the shadows.

  We all went silence. We watched him come out of the shadows. But, his right arm was in the shadows still. Why?

  "First of all," He said, "Timothy and Thalia."

  "Yes?" They both smiled, shooting up.

  "You both suck at torturing," Derek sighed. 

  "What?!" They both said.

  I let out a small laugh with a smirk on my face. It was funny and true that they can't torture for their lives.

  "Secondly," Derek continued, "Prince Niall."

  I looked to him. My smirk turned to a straight face.

  "Look who I have," Derek smiled evilly.

  He took out his right arm out of the shadows. I couldn't believe who he was holding! It broke my heart!

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