The Love of a Blood-Sucking Prince. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

No one ever believed that vampires existed until an attack happens at a local school. These vampires were asleep were almost a million years. The only reason they attacked the school was because for blood for their Vampire Prince. But, they meet a girl that falls in love for the Vampire Prince. And when the Prince gets kidnapped, she risks her life to save him. Will she be able to save him or be bitten into a Vampire?


11. Greg, Niall's older Vampire Brother.

  "Baby brother?" I asked, confused.

  "Yes," He said, "I'm Niall's older brother."

  "Since when?" I asked.

  "Since they were born Princess," Louis said.

  "So," The man smiled, "You're the Princess that caught my brother's heart."

  "Say what?" I said, dropping my mouth.

  "Aren't you two dating?" He asked.

  "Not exactly," Liam said.

  "Explain," He said.

  I sighed, then I started to explain how I was kidnapped, fightning Zayn with my bow and arrows and how I was ended up at this castle. He was starring at me with his red eyes which kind of creeped me out. A lot.

  "So," The man said, "Zayn kidnapped you because my brother wanted to see what to do with you?"

  "Yup," I said, "By the way, what's your name?"

  "I'm Greg," He smiled, "And you are..?"

  "I'm Jenny," I smiled back, "Whatever. Who is this Derek guy?"

  "Derek is the King of the Vampires that have powers," Zayn said.

  "Since when do Vampires have powers?"I asked.

  "Since Derek woke up and stole his ancestor's blood," Liam said, "And mixed it with his magic."

  'That's very weird," I thought.

  "I know right," Harry said, answering my thoughts.

  "Who the hell said you can read my thoughts?!" I said.

  "No one," Harry smiled with his dimples.

  'Aww,' I thought, 'He's so cute with his dimples.'

  I totally forgot that Harry can read minds. Louis has the powers to stop time somehow. I'm not sure about Zayn, Liam, Niall and Greg, but it must be a sickass power if you ask me. I'm still surprised that Niall has an older brother that I never knew about.

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