The Love of a Blood-Sucking Prince. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

No one ever believed that vampires existed until an attack happens at a local school. These vampires were asleep were almost a million years. The only reason they attacked the school was because for blood for their Vampire Prince. But, they meet a girl that falls in love for the Vampire Prince. And when the Prince gets kidnapped, she risks her life to save him. Will she be able to save him or be bitten into a Vampire?


27. Angry Zayn Malik.

  *Michael's P.O.V*

  I gently held on the girl's waist as I brought her down slowly with me instead of crashing down. I held in my taste for her blood since she was bleeding from her neck. Even if her blood smells delicious. I got onto the snow, put her down and put my black jean jacket around her with the sleeve covering her neck.

  "There," I said, "That should help for now."

  "I hope she's going to be okay," Calum said.

  "I hope so too," I said, "Good job saving her by the way."

  "Thanks," Calum smiled.

  Then, we both heard a groan. We looked to see Zayn shaking is head from left to right, getting the snow out of his hair. This kid never understands why we have hands. We watched him look like a complete fool for getting the snow out of his hair that way. He picked his head up from looking down, turned his head our way and starred at us for a good minute.

  "How long were you two awake for?" Zayn asked.

  "For a good 6 hours," I smiled.

  Zayn smiled back. But, right away, his facial expression changed. A smile just turned to a frown. He kicked the snow, walking towards us all. He noticed the girl not awake. I don't understand why this girl is so special? Is she gifted? What is she? I watched him get closer to her and looked at all her wounds that she had on her body.

  "What happened to her?" Zayn asked, "Who did this to her?"

  "Thalia and Timothy," Calum said, helping Luke and Ashton up.

  That's when Zayn punched the snow. When Zayn's pissed, it's not very pretty. I witnessed an angry Zayn before. Thousands and thousands of years ago, one of Derek's people stole Zayn's human food and Zayn got so angry that he ripped that vampire into a million pieces. That day, Zayn was sentenced to death, but escape way before that sentence was made. Zayn hid in the forest for a thousand years until Niall saved his sealed soul from Derek. He also made a promise to protect Niall from everything and everyone. Even to this day, Zayn is by Niall's side.

  "Those little bastards have gone too far!" Zayn yelled.

  We all watched Zayn start changing into a more angry Zayn Malik. This will become Hell for Thalia, Timothy and Derek. The veins in his neck and arms started to show, nails grew longer and sharper so he can rip things, his fangs became sharper and his eyes turned from red and silverish-black colour. We all watched him walk towards the dark, scary forest where everything scary hides. He can't go in there!

  "You can't go in there Zayn," I said, "You'll be killed."

  "I don't care!" Zayn yelled with anger in his voice, "No one touches Niall nor Jenny."

  'Who's Jenny?' I thought.

  "Who's Jenny?" Calum asked.

  Zayn pointed to her and said, "Her. The Princess of the Vampires."

  "Oh," I said.

  "Now," Zayn said, turning his back to us, "No one follows me. I meant NO ONE."


  "I meant it Michael!" Zayn yelled louder, "Get Jenny to a safe place immediately!"

  I was about to say something, but Zayn disappeared. I didn't even get to say be careful. He's so stubborn. Why won't he let anyone help him? I watched Calum, Ashton and Luke going in different directions to find a location to keep us save for now with Jenny. Then, I heard Derek's men coming our way. Dammit! I turned around and sprinted my way to follows the others. But, something in me is feeling very uneasy...

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