Broken ( Justin Bieber Fan Fic )

She can't smile, so much ache in her heart

She can literally feel it breaking apart

No sleep yep plenty missed

Nothing to fill the void of emptiness ,

Just a lost child ,

Now a lost soul ,

All because if a heart that's turned cold.

She has experienced so much heart break through her life that she has just given up on love. That was until she met him. She has never met somebody who has brought so much light into her world..


3. walk

Justin and I had actually stayed at the park talking for about an hour till I decided it's probably best for me to stalk walking home. He is actually really sweet considering his tough look although I could hardly see him.

I told him goodbye and started walking but I noticed he was following me. I started giggling and gave him a questioning look.

" well did you really expect me to let you walk by yourself ?" He chuckled

"Touché " I said slowing down for him to walk by my side.

"So what school are you going to go to ?" He asked , for I had told him I only just moved in and such.

" I think it's something like Richmond high, I think " I said unsure

" no way, I go to that school " he said " that means we get to talk more " he said nudging my shoulder

" YAYY I'm jumping for joy " I said sarcastically waiting for his reaction

" oh really ?" He said in an amused tone

" I'm joking I'm joking " I said before I took off running down the street

" hey, get back here !" He said running after me

" GO AWAY " I said cracking up laughing

And of course knowing me it didn't take long till I felt his arms snake around my waist. I hitched on my breath just from the feeling of him being this close. He slowly leaned closer from behind , feeling his warm breath against my bare neck I got goose bumps.

"Gotcha" he whispered then turned me around by my hips resting them there.

I couldn't talk, I was just so caught up in the moment. He slowly started leaning in, slightly turning his head on an angle and closing his eyes. I couldn't help it. All though he is still a stranger, there is just something about him that is just so.... Mysterious.

I copied his actions and closed the gap. My hands found their way around his neck and to his hair, slightly pulling on the ends of them making him softly moan. His arms wrapped around my waist pulling me closer if that was even possible. It wasn't long till we both pulled out, gasping for air.

" well that was intense " he said softly chuckling before adding " not that I didn't like it" adding a wink to the end.

I giggled then brought him into a hug realising my house is just ahead . I took him by surprise so he didn't relax into it straight away.

"This is my house here " I said looking over my shoulder at it.

"It was nice meeting you Erin " he said with a smirk

" You too Justin, it was very........ Interesting " I giggled then made my way to the front door with Justin hot on my tracks. I turned around to look at him.

"Jus-" I was cut off by his soft, moist lips connecting with mine once again, setting off fireworks and making my body tingle.

" goodnight kitten " he smirked then walked off into pure darkness.

I've got to go out for walks more often...

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