Broken ( Justin Bieber Fan Fic )

She can't smile, so much ache in her heart

She can literally feel it breaking apart

No sleep yep plenty missed

Nothing to fill the void of emptiness ,

Just a lost child ,

Now a lost soul ,

All because if a heart that's turned cold.

She has experienced so much heart break through her life that she has just given up on love. That was until she met him. She has never met somebody who has brought so much light into her world..


9. sleep over

Erin's P.O.V

Justin's friends are surprisingly funny. They all look like bad boys you know like tough guys. But when you actually get to know them they are pretty cool.

"Kitten?" I heard from the kitchen

"Yeah?" I says making my way there

"The boys are staying over tonight so if you want to stay as well you can" Justin said while turning away from the fridge.

"Sure , I'll just let boss know" I said grabbing my phone from my pocket.

"Boss ?" Justin questioned

"Oh , my dad " I said

I texted dad just letting him know I'm staying at a friends house not even bothering for an answer.

" oh wait I don't have any pyjamas" i said practically face palming myself

"It's alright you can borrow some if mine " He said smiling at me

"Thanks " I smiled then hugged him

We walked upstairs to his bedroom and he went to his closet. He pulled out a singlet and track suit pants.

"Here" he said passing them to me " just get changed in there" he said pointing to a door in his bedroom.

I walked in and closed the door behind me. Once I put them on I noticed the singlet hugged my stomach and the pants just hung loosely besides the waist band. Great... It made my boobs and butt look big. Some girls probably like to look like that but I don't... Not if it brings attention from boys.

I walked out and Justin was changed into the same sorta thing and damn I must say his muscles really show with his singlet.

Justin's P.O.V

I was waiting on the bed for Erin until I heard the door open I sat up and wow. I have got to get her to wear my clothes more often. Her curves show perfectly in my singlet and pants. She was staring at me and I smirked.

"Fits ?" I questioned even the answer was clearly obvious

"Yep" she smiled popping the p

"Good" I said then got off the bed

We walked down the stairs into the other lounge room designed for watching movies. The guys were all changed and had found a movie.

Jason sat up and came over to us with an expression on his fave I couldn't quite tell.

"Justin can I please talk to you privately ?" He said in a mono tone.

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