Broken ( Justin Bieber Fan Fic )

She can't smile, so much ache in her heart

She can literally feel it breaking apart

No sleep yep plenty missed

Nothing to fill the void of emptiness ,

Just a lost child ,

Now a lost soul ,

All because if a heart that's turned cold.

She has experienced so much heart break through her life that she has just given up on love. That was until she met him. She has never met somebody who has brought so much light into her world..


8. pool

So getting introduced to the rest if them I was hitting it off with Jason pretty good. I mean hear me out he is good looking but not the sorta guy if date.

"So what are we going to do now ?" I said seemingly we just walked off to get something to eat.

"Go back to mine ? Parents aren't home" Justin said and everyone agreed

" you'll need some swimmers and stuff , did you want me to drive you home to grab some stuff ?" Justin offered

"Yeah that's be great " I said walking with him to the parking Lott.

"I'll see you guys there just walk straight in" Justin told the boys.

It was about 30 minutes to get to my house grab some stuff then to get to Justin's. It sounded like a party was on with all the loud music and people laughing.

"Umm Justin where can I get changed ?" I said when we walked Into the house, wait sorry correction MANSION?!?!

" just down the hall on your left " he said pointing in the direction.

I gave him a warm smile then left. As I got into the bathroom the music was immediately quieter. I stripped down then got into my bikini. I'm a little self conscious because I have ' curves' . Guys say it's attractive but I just don't think they are.

I let my hair fall down my back in loose curls and I wiped all my make up off. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. I walked to the the back door and opened it. The boys were literally swinging from a rope into the pool!!.

" come in Erin!" Jason yelled

Justin came out of the pool and was giving Jason a hard stare on the way.

" are you ok ?" He asked

" just a little self conscious " I admitted

" trust me you'll be fine , were friends" he said with a reassuring smile.

I nodded and took off my towel and that's when the boys started wolf whistling. I quickly did a cannon ball into the pool then flicked my hair back out of my face.

Justin's P.O.V

When Jason told Erin to get in I could tell something was up. I gave Jason a stare to tell him to back off then went to see if she was ok.

"are you ok ?" I asked her

" just a little self conscious " She admitted

" trust me you'll be fine , were friends" I said with a reassuring smile.

She took her towel off of her body and damn. She has curves like no other chick I've seen before. All the guys started whistling so she quickly jumped into the pool flicking her hair back.

She was definitely a work of art.

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