Broken ( Justin Bieber Fan Fic )

She can't smile, so much ache in her heart

She can literally feel it breaking apart

No sleep yep plenty missed

Nothing to fill the void of emptiness ,

Just a lost child ,

Now a lost soul ,

All because if a heart that's turned cold.

She has experienced so much heart break through her life that she has just given up on love. That was until she met him. She has never met somebody who has brought so much light into her world..


13. mine too

Justin's P.O.V

I woke up to a sweet angelic voice....

"Justin.. Justin wake up...justiiiiiinnnn... Urg fine"

I heard Erin say then walk away. I smirked to myself then snuggled into the blankets more.

But then I heard foot steps getting louder and faster running coming down the hallway..


Erin yelled then leaped onto the bed. I shot straight up and fell off of the bed taking Erin down to the floor with me.

"Erin! Don't do that, I could of died " I said laughing in hysterics

"But did you?" Said said with a sly smirk.

We both when quite and stared into each other's eyes until she giggled and left our gaze

"What ?" I asked growing curious

" you " she said biting her lip looking so innocent

"What about me ?" I said sitting us both up

" you give me butterflies " she partially whispered then looked down blushing trying to hide under her hair

" can I tell you a secret ?" I asked

"What ?" She said looking up

I leaned over till my lips were giving beside her ear

" you make me heart skip a beat every time we kiss "

Then I looked her in the eyes and then kissed her passionately placing my hands on her cheeks. Once we pull apart she flutters her eyes open and we stare into each others eyes again until she whispers.

"Mine too..."

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