Broken ( Justin Bieber Fan Fic )

She can't smile, so much ache in her heart

She can literally feel it breaking apart

No sleep yep plenty missed

Nothing to fill the void of emptiness ,

Just a lost child ,

Now a lost soul ,

All because if a heart that's turned cold.

She has experienced so much heart break through her life that she has just given up on love. That was until she met him. She has never met somebody who has brought so much light into her world..


7. ditching

"What do you mean it's personal ?" He asked

Crap! Why did I say that? Yes it's the truth but am I ready to open up to him ?

" Erin?" He asked waving his hands in front of me.

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at him.

"Well, umm I, wait no never mind , I'll tell you later " I said giving him a reassuring smile.

"Ok but im holding that against you now , you know that right ?" He said looking a bit more serious.

" yes Justin I know" I said just as the bell signalled for us to go.

I was about to go out the door when the teachers voice called my name. I turned around to look at him.

"Erin, I was wondering if you might be able to preform for the talent quest soon " he asked me

"But I didn't audition? " I said confused

"You just did " he said grinning at me

"Oh um ok then I'll think about it" I said

"Ok then, see you next lesson " he said waving me off

I got to the front door and totally forgot about Justin. Where did he go ?

" Erin!" I heard someone call my name out from down the hall. I whipped around and saw Justin jogging up to me.

" Erin, come with me I want to properly introduce you to my friends" he said grabbing my hand and pulling me along .

"Oh um ok then , oh wait what about class ?" I asked

" don't you worry about that " he smirked looking back at me.

I yanked my hand out of Justin's and he have me a funny look. As much as ditching class my seem fun to him, I've got to watch my grades.. And it's first day ?!?!

" Justin I can't ditch class.." I said

"Why not ? You scared ?" Justin said

I can't believe he said that, I hate it. If you must know I have this thing where when people say I'm to scared to do something ... I do it.

"No I am not" I said "watch me"

And just like that I stomped past him and marched out the school gates.

" hey wait up " Justin said catching up to me then matching my pace. I was way beyond pissed at this moment

"Hey you students get back here!" A teacher yelled

"Will you just leave us the FUCK alone " I said flinging my hand to my mouth immediately regretting it.

Justin grabbed my hand and started running towards a bunch of guys that were cracking up laughing.

" that's classic " one of then said giving me a high five. " I'm Jason"

" yeah I know , I met you before" I said

"Oh yeah that's right " he said " you're erin "

" ding ding " I said giggling

" now to introduce you to the rest of them " Justin said looking like he was getting annoyed

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