She never was liked. She was oh so different.


5. Amera

Amera snored loudly on the porch. She suddenly awoke from the sound of a birdsong. She sat and opened her book to start reading again.


                                          Although all the villages were named after their founders,

                                          there was only one who didn't name their village after themselves

                                         and that person was Badden. He named his village Love. 


Come to think of it, Love was the only village in the Country of Ten Villagers that hadn't attacked her. But why? She had been to the village a hundred times, but nothing?


                                          He said he did not want the village named after himself,

                                          but after something he cared much more deeply about. 



Amera closed the book and went inside to the kitchen. Her stomach had been growling since the break of dawn.

When she got in to the pantry she laughed. "Berries." She had been eating berries for the last week. She was starting to think that something was trying to make her only eat berries. But she knew that was just silly talk.

She grabbed a large shard of glass from the floor and put the berries in it. Then she held two fingers to her forehead and closed her eyes. The bowl slowly bent into a basin shape. She then took the bowl, her book, and a blanket, and sat on the porch once again. She quietly ate her berries with the blanket over her lap.

"Finally. Peace at last." 

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