She never was liked. She was oh so different.


3. Amera

She ran and ran and settled in an old abandoned cottage. "Stupid unreasonable people." she muttered to herself, as if she was afraid someone could have been listening. Well, someone was listening, but she didn't know that.

She sat on the old rocking chair on the front porch. Ok, so the whole place was practically falling apart. But what other choice did she have other than to stay here? Where could she go? Certainly not to the Country of Ten Villagers. 

She rocked back and forth with her old copy of The Founding of Our nation in her hands. She slowly opened the book and began to read from where she had left off.

                                                  Our country is named after our founders.

                                                   That is why it is called the Country of

                                                   Ten Villagers. Ten villagers formed a group

                                                   that eventually formed our region. Each founder

                                                   created a village that was named after themselves. 

                                                  Those people were Agustino, Marylyn, Anysia, Zorhan

                                                  Addla the 1st, Prisma, Catherine, Katrina, Nicoinda, and


Her eyes started to close. No more she could read. She closed the book and fell asleep.


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