She never was liked. She was oh so different.


1. Amera

It was moments like these that Amera hated. Running through the woods, away from certain death. Could people please just try to accept her differences? Did they not understand that she is harmless? I pains me to tell you boys and girls , but yes. No one would ever appreciate her. But that's the way the story goes.


Anyway, Amera ran through the woods. She could hear the rampaging mob and she could see the flaming torches from a distance. How she just wished they would stop.  Wished they would come to her and cherish her for her differences. But no. That just wasn't how things were. And things weren't going to change. She knew that for a fact.

Amera continued running as quickly as possible. She turned back, but wasn't looking where she was going and tripped on a stump. She fell face first into the grass. She quickly turned to see the angry mob approaching. She struggled to get up but escaped right in the nick of time. The mob looked and looked for her, but she was nowhere to be seen. She smiled from behind a section of rose bushes. The mob quickly departed the forest and Amera got to her feet. She ran as silently as possible and escaped once again.


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