She never was liked. She was oh so different.


6. Addla

It had been two days since the visit from the King, and she still hadn't the slightest idea why he came here, of all places. Addla thought about asking Braelyn, but she knew how rude that would be. She just couldn't stand to hold it in much longer. No Addla, don't be rude. Your parents taught you better than that. KEEP IT TOGETHER! Though she couldn't. She tried and tried but no. She had to ask.

"Hey Braelyn! Braelyn?" she called from the kitchen. Nothing. Again, she shouted, louder this time. "Braelyn!!!

Braelyn came rushing in not a moment later, an extremely worried look on her face. "What's wrong?! Did something bad happen?! What can I do for you?!

"Woah there! Calm down! I'm fine! I just wanted to ask you something." Addla reassured her, laying a calm hand on Braelyn's shoulder.

Braelyn sighed and sat down. "Well you didn't have go shoutin' all crazy like that!!"

Addla cautiously removed her hand. She looked down at her feet. "Sorry." she mumbled.

Braelyn grabbed her hand. "Hey it's okay! I know you didn't know any better! But know you do, for next time. So what was it you wanted to ask me?

Addla fumbled with her fingers for a minute. "Well...um..." She sighed. "It doesn't matter.' Addla smiled, but Braelyn eyed her suspiciously. . "Mmmmmmhm." Braelyn went back to what she was doing, pouring water from the stream into three large barrels. She waved and walked back to the stream with buckets to get more.

Addla smacked herself in the head. "What the heck is wrong with me?!!!" She sighed and walked outside;to the open field and soft breeze.

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