She never was liked. She was oh so different.


2. Addla

Addla trudged on and on, desperate for some water. "UGH!! Just a few berries!! Please!," she yelled, on her knees and pleading to the sky. "PLEASE!!" She couldn't walk for much longer. She could already feel her knees buckling.

Anyway, as she held onto a tree for support, she stumbled onto a busy dirt road. People in raggedy clothes bustling around , going about their own business. She pushed herself up with her hands and leaned on a tree so she wouldn't fall back down. She wiped the dirt off her face and tried to stand up. Right when she was about to fall she felt a pair of firm arms catch her. At first everything was blury. She tried to say Thank you for your kindness. It means very much. But the only thing that came out was, "Food!" 

She looked up to see a young girl about the age of herself. She had short, curly blond hair, deep blue eyes, and a kind smile. She laughed softly. " Right away madam! Come with me!" she said in a happy voice. She carefully helped Addla up and supported her on a walk for what felt like forever.

Finally they came to a hut on a large open field. She couldn't even see the village from here.

"Welcome to the farm!"

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