Picture Perfect

"Outer beauty pleases the eye. Inner beauty captivates the heart."

Every teenage girl wants to be pretty, and that's exactly what Alex is.

Flat stomach, size zero, flawless skin, silky hair, gorgeous green eyes.

Perfection is the definition of Alex's life. She lives every girl's dream: beautiful, the most popular girl in school, a hot boyfriend, not to mention so much money she doesn't know what to do with it.

It's the start of a new school year. She has just landed a modeling job with one of the most famous fashion designers. Life couldn't be going better for her.

So what happens when an unfortunate accident turns her life upside down?


9. Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

I’ve had more shocking this happen to me in this past week than my entire life. And standing there in the gym with the guy from the mall was something I wouldn't've expected to happen, like, ever. I mean, what are the chances that some random guy in the mall (that I fall in love with after two seconds) winds up being my gym teacher?

Oh my Lord he’s my gym teacher.

This has been the strangest school year I’ve ever had. Are hot guys even allowed to be teachers? What is this? I always wanted some young, attractive teacher to stare at, but seriously, this Coach Payne dude had my heart beating in overdrive. It’s difficult to function when all you can think about is everything at once because you're so nervous. Mr. Payne had me in this stupor.

Come on, you’re Alex Schultz. I told myself, Guys don’t scare you. If anything, you’re the one intimidating the guys.

Okay, deep breaths.

Oh crap he was looking over at me. Oh God he was waving. Did he remember me? God I hope not. Last time I saw him I just stood there stupidly.

I began to feel a blush creep up my cheeks. Ugh, stop disobeying me, face.

“Alex!” Sharon whispered shrilly to me. Her eyes were as wide as saucers. “Do you know that beautiful creation?!”

I cringed. “Sort of…” I told her of my embarrassing encounter with our new coach.

This was bad. Normally, if I heard our old pedophiliac gym teacher was going to replaced with some model, I’d jump for joy, but this was not normal circumstances.

Here! Let’s take the one guy Alex has ever been tongued-tied in front of and plop him right into her daily life so she can be nervous every second she walks into P.E.!

What a fantastic idea.

Oh shit, that was not good. I had a crush on my teacher.


“Here, when you go to hit the ball, make sure it’s held like this.” My heart had a mini seizure as Mr. Payne guided my arm in a long arc.

I let out my breath as soon as Mr. Payne left, which I didn’t realize I’d been holding.

I watched Sharon as she made a flawless overhand serve with perfect form. She was so good at sports and had the perfect body. I couldn't even serve underhand. Everytime I tried, the volleyball would go flying and hit the wall, or bludgeon someone in the head. I wasn’t too distraught when I hit Andrew Hennen in the face though… But still, I was never going to serve this fucking volleyball right, was I?

Wait. When did I start caring? And when was I ever jealous of Sharon?

“Are you alright?” Sharon suddenly appeared at my side, snapping me out of my trance.

“What?” I asked, meeting her blue eyes.

“I asked if you were okay. I like, looked over and you were just standing here staring into space…” She followed my line of eyesight. “Or staring at the new coach!” She nodded towards Mr. Payne. “I know, he’s so gorgeous I just can’t take my eyes off him. But you know, it’s kind of awkward because he’s our teacher.”

“Time to pack it in!” Called Mr. Payne. The sounds of bouncing balls (that was not meant to sound dirty) ceased and everyone headed back to the locker rooms to change.

I pulled off my shirt and sighed.

“So, back to my question. You’ve been acting kinda weird lately.”

“What you talking about?” I slipped my flats back on.

Sharon shook her head and stuffed her gym clothes into her bag. “You just seem, I don’t know, like something’s bothering you with your mood swings and all. I just wanna know that you’re doing okay.”

This wasn’t like Sharon at all. She was one of my party girls. Maybe I should’ve been wondering if she’s doing okay.

“I don’t even get mood swings. ” Why was she acting so strange? It wasn’t normal to discuss weird stuff like this with my girls. I bet one of those stupid emotion counselors told her to check in on me. It was so dumb. They carried around all these stupid pamphlets, like: Want to know more about anorexia? and The Secrets of Safe Sex. They didn’t understand any of us. It made me frustrated to think that she may have gone to one of them.

“Did some counselor put you up to this?” I finished putting my cheerleading uniform back on.

“No, why would a counselor put me up to this?!” Sharon looked slightly offended. “Am I allowed to care?! It’s like you’ve got a stick up your ass or something! Like, even more than usual!”

“What do you mean more than usual?! I’m fine!” I told her harshly. “I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about! Plus, it’s none of your damn business anyway!” I slung my bag over my shoulder and stormed out of the gym just as the bell rang.

I don’t know why I snapped so easily. She made me start to wonder if I had been acting differently. Afterall, I felt fine.

You are fine.

That’s right, I’m always fine.


I went to the pep rally and the cheerleading squad did a routine, but my heart wasn’t really in it. I couldn’t shake what Sharon had said before. Nothing was wrong with me though.

I suppose I was just a little distraught because I liked one of my teachers, I’d been having trouble with some of the girls lately and I had to deal with Harry everyday after school. And there you have it. Those things would make anyone irritable.

I smiled, finally happy I’d pinpointed the sources of my mild misery.

“What are you so happy about?” Harry looked over at me from his desk.

“None of your business, dipshit.” I answered back sneering. He knit his eyebrows and frowned, then returned to erasing pencil marks. Huh, no smartass remark?

It was going to be a hard week, spending every afternoon locked up in this room with Harry and this creepy teacher man. It was so tedious and boring and I’d much rather be out at the mall or watching a movie or something. At least I had my birthday party coming up this weekend. I just hoped Harry wouldn’t come because basically everyone was invited.

For the past few years I had to pay off our butler Ted to keep him quiet about the big bashes I threw at the house when my parents weren’t there and to cleanup the colossal mess when everything was over. Last year, the house didn’t even remotely look like a house when we were done with it. There was pizza stuck to the ceiling and the yard was ankle-deep with trash and people in the closets, and well you get the point. Anyway, this was going to be the best year yet. We’d gotten a sixty-foot in-ground pool and a mini bar since last year’s party. And Dylan would finally be back from his camping trip. I’d been feeling so incomplete without him.

I’d sat on the opposite side of the room again so Harry wouldn’t poke me, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before be found out some other way to annoy me. He hadn’t been so pleasant in Chem either. At least we weren’t attacking one another, but he’d still make weird faces and snide comments while I was actually trying to do things. If I didn’t I’d probably get an extended detention and he would too, so I couldn’t figure out why he’d risk that by acting so childish. Most likely because he’s dumb. I mean, this chemistry shit is pretty tough when you’re actually doing it (or pretending to do it and paying the class nerd to do it after school).

“You're gonna have ta excuse me.” said creepy teacher man, whose name I don’t actually know. “I need to deliver some paperwork to the main office and hit the bathroom.” He winked at me. Ugh, gross.

“Look’s like you have an admirer.” Harry said after creepy teacher man left. He gave me a really over exaggerated wink.

“Really? I thought he liked you. He was staring at you through all three hundred and eighty pages of Fifty Shades of Grey.” I replied head still down erasing pencil marks.

“And how do you happen to know the exact amount of pages?” Harry asked.

“Maybe because I read it, idiot?” I looked across the room at him.

He spun in his seat to face me. “Are you talking to me? Because last time I heard my name wasn’t idiot.”

“Real clever, Styles.”

“I know thank you for the compliment.” Mentally beating him up.

“It’s called sarcasm.” i gestured with my hands, speaking to him like he was a two-year-old.

“You’re called sarcasm.” In this moment I imagined punching him right across the face.

I wondered if he ever stopped. His whole personality was just a constant stream of annoying and sarcastic comments. He probably hadn’t taken one thing seriously in his life.

“That is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Now shut up before I throw this book at you.”

“Do I sense a hint of hostility?” He raised an eyebrow.

I sighed and put on a fake smile. “No, I think you were sensing my shut-the-hell-up-before-I-smack-you-vibe. It’s a bit different than hostility. Usually it’s called hatred.” I nodded my head.

“Well, look who’s clever now.” Kicking him in the stomach.

“Christ! Just lay off for once!” I let out in exasperation.

Harry nodded. “You know Alexandria, Christ is good, but it’s okay if you just call me Harry.”

He Just had to use my full name, that dick.

“I don’t get how people like you.” I told him in all honesty. He was the most unlikable person I’d ever met in my life. No one had ever gotten on my nerves as much as he had.

“You certainly have a way with people, Alexandria, my self esteem is already up there thanks to your kind words.” He pointed to the ceiling.

One week until the party, Alex, just one week.


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Stay weird and listen to Bastille,


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