Teenage Dirtbag

"I'm just a teenage dirtbag , why do you like me ?"
"Because , Haz , your there for me when no one else is ."


16. where am I ?

My eyes popped open. I had a busting headache . I looked around , I was in a small shed , dirt floors , a window , a twin bed , and a door leading out that was bolted shut .

I raced over to it banging hard.

"HARREHHHHH!" I screamed

No answer

Metal bars lined the window .

I was stuck , then I remembered my phone , in my back pocket .

I dialed Harry's phone

He picked up

"Where ya at babe ?" He groaned groggily

"Listen , are you still in the tree house ?" I whispered

"Yeah ..." He said questionably

"Look , Niall kidnapped me while you were sleeping , and I have no idea where the hell I am" I said angrily

"Turn your gps on ." He said sternly

I did

"I'm coming , hide your phone , stay quiet . Don't do a thing he says ." He said before hanging up

I hid my phone in my bra .

Hopefully It wouldn't be re moved ...

I heard the chains on the door opening , I quickly scurried to the bed .

Ashlynn's blonde head popped in .

"Hey there honey , enjoying yourself ?" She said sarcastically

"No , now let me the fuck out ." I said angrily

"That's earned you a punishment , no one will want you if your .. Virgin ." She said chuckling

"What ? No . He's NOT going to touch me ." I said scared

"Oh , but he will . Niall !" She called

He scampered in

"Do your ... Dirty work." She scoffed shooing him over towards me and leaving the room

"No ." I said sternly

"Don't make this hard ." He said angrily

"NO." I said louder

He hit me across the face with his hand and I fell.

Before I could move he tied me up.

"Please , don't do this ...I'm saving my-"

"Cut the shit whore ." He said duck taping my mouth

A single tear rolled down my cheek .

I was then blindfolded and de clothed

He started touching me inappropriately

"Harry !" I screeched through the tape

"He can't hear you from home ." Niall mumbled

He pulled my hips down

I cried


The pain was overwhelming

This wasn't the way things were suppose to be .

"Stop , please." I mumbled

The feeling was terrible .

I felt no love , desire , or affection.

I wanted it to stop .

I wriggled my right leg free and pulled him out of me and slammed my knee into his balls .

He fell over in pain I assumed

I bit the dictator restraints and was soon free .

I saw my phone on the floor

I picked up my clothes and for dressed

"Fuck you ." I said tears streaming down my face

"Your evil ." I mumbled as I ran out into the street .

I called Harry

"Please help me." I sobbed

"WHAT DID HE FUCKING DO?" Harry yelled

"She made him ...rape me ." I cried

"I'm coming I see you ." He said choking

I saw his Mercedes pull up .

I climbed in and bursted into tears .

He held me close

"This is all my fault ." He whispered , tears falling down his face

"No , Harry , it's not , it's my fault .." I said crying a bit more

"We're going home ." He said letting me lay my head on his shoulder as we drove

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