Teenage Dirtbag

"I'm just a teenage dirtbag , why do you like me ?"
"Because , Haz , your there for me when no one else is ."


9. school <3

Meagan's POV :

"Guys , wake up ." My mum groaned

I lifted my head of of Harry's shoulder

"Fuck . I hate school ." I said standing up and stretching

"Nice ass." Harry whispered as my mum left the room

"Thank you ." I said sarcastically

I walked upstairs and went into my room .

I picked out a black shirt that said

"Cool kid can't die" in white letters

With holes in it and a cami underneath

I slipped on some ripped white skinny jeans and some black ugg boots

I went into the bathroom and curled my pink stair gut hair into ringlets the I slipped on my white beanie .

I did a soft layer of make up which I rarely ever wore and finished off with some pink lipgloss

"Harry ! Are you ready?" I called

"Yep." He mumbled coming out of his room .

Yeah I know . We've been best friends for so long that he has his own room .

I walked downstairs and grabbed my lunch from my mom as we walked out the door waving .

Harry held my hand as we walked to the bus stop at the end of the road.

Harry's a hand holder .

He just likes to be close to people .

"Anna's coming back from her dad's house this weekend ." I said happily

Anna was technically my half sister

My mom divorced my dad and got together with her dad then broke up with him shortly after she got pregnant and ended up back with my dad .

"Yay ! Munchkins coming home ." He laughed

She was only two and she called Harry uncle hazza .

It was adorable

The bus pulled up and I hoisted my back back higher on my back and climbed on

I flashed the bus driver a smile

We sat in the very back

Harry was still holding my hand

"Slut ." This girl named Ashlynn whispered

"He's my bestfriend now fuck off ." I said sternly

She rolled her eyes and turned around


We quickly scampered off the bus and to our lockers and got everything so we could have some free time .

We went up to the roof and stared off the side

"Sure is beautiful ." I said smiling

I could tell Harry wanted to tell me something. He had his head down and seemed to be in deep thought . He kept opening his mouth to speaking then closing it .

We leaned up against the brick wall .

All of a sudden he smashed his lips against mine .

Sparks flew everywhere I was speechless

He pulled away gently

"Harry I-I ..." I wanted to say I loved him but it wouldn't come out

"I'm sorry ." He said . Tears filled his eyes as he walked away down the stairs

"Wait Harry . I love you too ." I whispered

Just then Ashlynn's boyfriend Niall grabbed me by the wrist and slammed me into the wall .

He started kissing me neck and touching my bum .

"HARRY!" I yelled at the top of my lungs .

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