Teenage Dirtbag

"I'm just a teenage dirtbag , why do you like me ?"
"Because , Haz , your there for me when no one else is ."


10. o.o

Harry's POV :

God I messed it up .

It was too soon and I was crying like a pussy .

I sat at the bottom of the stairs

All of a sudden I heard Meagan yell

"Harry!" She screamed

I ran up but the door was locked

"Help.." She managed to cry

I slammed into the door with all my might and it broke at the hinges

I saw Niall trying to rape her but she was pushing back

"Get the hell off!" I yelled kicking him in the stomach

"Harry ," She whimpered

Her beanie was torn off of her head and her shirt ripped in the front revealing her cami

"I love you ."

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