Teenage Dirtbag

"I'm just a teenage dirtbag , why do you like me ?"
"Because , Haz , your there for me when no one else is ."


5. ice skating <3

Meagan's POV :

I got out of the car and ran to Harry's side .

He slowly put his hand in mine which made me smile.

I guess Besties do that...

We walked into the building .

Three rings .

Little kids were scooting around on their butts in one .

Middle was empty

And the last one had people jumping and turning like pros .

Harry led me to the middle one .

We went to the counter to the side and got some skates .

We slipped them on carefully .

Harry dragged me over to the ring .

"I'll help you , I promise ." He whispered

I slowly stepped onto the ice .

I started falling forward .

My legs were spreading apart .

Before I could fall , Harry lifted my arms and put his hands on my waist and pushed me along .

"WEEEE!" I shouted giggling

Harry turned me around and grabbed my hands.

Mee spun fast in a circle .

Then he let go .

I stood there paralyzed .

"I don't wanna fall." I murmured

"Skate." He said laughing

I started to move around slowly .

"You got this , meg !" Harry shouted

I got my speed up and made my way to the middle .

I closed my eyes and jumped into the air and turned 3 times and landed almost perfectly

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