Teenage Dirtbag

"I'm just a teenage dirtbag , why do you like me ?"
"Because , Haz , your there for me when no one else is ."


8. home

We both sat down on the couch .

My dad got up and went somewhere ...

I got out a movie and popped it in the player .

"This isn't scary ." Harry mumbled as it began

I was tired so Iayed my head on Harry's shoulder and closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep .


Harry's POV :

Meagan was so cute when she slept .

It felt good for her to sleep on my shoulder .

I smirked and kissed her forehead

"Awwh." I heard mrs walker say

I let my head fall.

I pretended to be asleep .

"Can't hide it forever Harry , " she said cheerfully

"She likes you too ."

"She does ?" I said lifting my head a bit

"I can see it in both of your eyes ... I don't understand why you both can't fess up , your best friends ." She said walking back to her room

I sighed loudly .

Maybe tomorrow at school ... Maybe .

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