Teenage Dirtbag

"I'm just a teenage dirtbag , why do you like me ?"
"Because , Haz , your there for me when no one else is ."


17. home , again

As soon as we pulled up I got out and ran inside . Harry wasn't far behind. I slumped up to my room and sat on the bed .

"Why does she hate me?" I said quietly

"Because your Better than her ." Harry said coming and sitting next to me

"But I didn't make someone do something as terrible as that to her ." I sighed

"We need to call the police ."he said

"Okay ." I said quietly

He pulled out his phone and quickly called

"Yeah , umm , my girlfriend , was just raped , I've picked her up , and now I'm not sure what to do." He said ever so sadly

"His name was Niall Horan , but he was forced to by Ashynn ...umm tomlinson I think "

"4342 mason ave . Mhmm . Thanks ." He said before hanging up

"I'm so sorry ." He said hugging me again

"It's ...fine ." I said hugging him back

"It's getting late , dinner?" He said looking towards the window

"Where?" I said softly

"McDonalds ?" He said flashing his dimples

"Sure ." I said faking a smile

"We might have to meet with the police later , so they can ..." He trailed off

"I know ." I said sighing

"I'll bring it back here ." He said getting up

"Thanks ." I said kissing him on the cheek

He smiled as he left the room

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