Teenage Dirtbag

"I'm just a teenage dirtbag , why do you like me ?"
"Because , Haz , your there for me when no one else is ."


15. dreaming

I was dreaming now , for sure .

I saw my sister Ariana frolic in front of me

"Anna , help me up ." I said joyfully

She smiled and held out a hand for me to grab

We were in a field of yellow wild flowers just prancing . We linked arms and began jumping . Harry appeared to my right . He cupped my cheeks in his hands and kissed me . We all frolicked together . We sat picking daisies as pretty music played in the back .

All of a sudden I heard thunder rage from behind me .

"It's okay ." Harry said

"Go into the shack while I get the last of the flowers ." He said pointing to a small house

I grabbed Ariana's hand and rushed over

The thunder got closer and louder

I heard Harry wail , I dare look out the window .

I held Ariana in my arms and sobbed lightly .

Harry was gone ...

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