Teenage Dirtbag

"I'm just a teenage dirtbag , why do you like me ?"
"Because , Haz , your there for me when no one else is ."


1. morning time 💕✌️

I woke up that morning to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing in my ear .

"GAHH ! Shut up! " I said unplugging it

I sat up and pulled my long light pink hair put of my face .

I slowly slumped down the stairs and into the kitchen .

"Morning Meg . Harry's in the den ." My mother cheered

Harry and I are the best of friends , always have been.

Since he's a bit older her drives me to school .

Im not nearly as punk as him but I've got a few piercings and tattoos , not the best 'role model' for my little sister Ariana , but fuck it I'm me .

I grabbed a bowl of cereal and made my way to the den .

"Sup Haz ." I said fist bumping him

"Sup , Meagan ." He said staring at his phone and then fist bumping me back

I looked over at the tv .

At the top of the screen read

'Madison high school - closed due to snow .'

I started jumping up and down.

"Looks like I'm snowed in ." Harry said glancing at the window

"Snow ball fight ." I whispered

"Your on!" He yelled

We ran to grab out coats , hats , mittens etc .

I ran outside ands started building a mound .

He approached me with A snow shovel filled with snow .


He dumped it on me



I kept screaming as I ran inside while he laughed hysterically.


"You asked for it .." She said laughing at my snow filled apparel .

I ran upstairs and changed my clothes.

When I went downstairs I got onto his Instagram and posted the snow challenge on his page

"5 likes and I'll do it ."

He had bunches of followers

I did it so low so he HAD to do it .

"What are you doing ?" Harry said grabbing his phone

"Payback ." I said happily

"It's already had 15 likes ! MEAGAN NOO!"

"You have to do it."

"If you do it with me ." He said pouting out his lip


I ran back up to my room and put on one of my sparkly bikini with infinity signs on it .

"God I hate you Harry ." I said walking to the door where Harry was standing in only his boxers

I could help but staring at his toned abs .

God I hope he didn't see that .

"Nice." He said pervily

"Shut up Harry ." I said slapping his arm and giggling

I set up my phone and pressed record

"Snow challenge !" We yelled at the same time .

We ran into the snow and dropped and rolled

"Shit ! FUCK! MEGAN !" Harry yelled

I screamed rather loud .

"Shit . Shit shit ." I yelled bouncing up and down as Harry stood up

We ran in at the same time .

"I fucking hate you !" Harry yelled bounding up the stairs

"NOT IN MY BED!" I yelled

He rolled into the sheets

I sat next to him

"So c-cold." He whispered


"Okay , Jesus ." I mumbled

I hopped down stairs and quickly grabbed my phone at the entryway .

"What is this!" She said sternly

"Snow challenge ." I said nervously

"Get it cleaned up . NOW ." She said walking away

I grabbed some towels and soaked up all the wet snow that was slowly melting .

I hung them over chairs and went into the bathroom

I put on some fresh warm clothes and went back upstairs .

"Get up you wenis ." I said angrily

"Why am I a wenis ?" He said sassily

"Because you didn't help me ."

"I'm tired."

"get over yourself , wenis ." I giggled

He yawned and turned over .

"You know you wanna lay with me ." He said

"Shut up Harry ." I said laying next to him

He turned over and put an arm around Me.

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