That One Phone Call


1. Ring!

Ring ring ring. My phone was going off. I didn't bother to check the caller id. "Hello?" I asked. "Hello I'd this (y/n)?" The lady asked. "Yes may I help you?" I asked. "We saw your YouTube channel a couple days ago and would like for you to do a cover up of a song and if Mr. Cowell likes it then he might sign you." She said. I jump up fully awake now. "Oh my god I would love to when would you guys want me to come in?" I asked eagerly. "Tomorrow at 4:30 you should be done by 5:30. 6:30 at the most." She said. "That's perfect thank you so much!" I said. The lady gave merge adders to the music studio I said thank you and hung up. I ran downstairs. "Mom you in here?" I asked. "Yea living room." She called. I walked into the living room. I told her everything. "So can I go?" I asked. "Yes but check in with me and call me if you go out or something." She smiled. I hugged her. "Thank you so much!" I said. She gave me a hug back and told me to get ready. I ran back up to my room and got dressed did my hair and makeup and I grabbed my phone and school bag and headed out the door.

-At school-

Your POV

I got out of my car and saw my best friend (y/bf/n) walking to me. "Hey." I smiled. "Hey." She responded. "You seem really happy." She said. I told her everything. "Your going to do great." She smiled. I smiled and the bell rang. "I'll see you later ok?" She gave a nod and I headed to class. I was basically daydreaming all day it was now 4th period and I zoned out. I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned to see Blake. The hottest kid in school handing me a note. I grabbed it and it said, "Hey (y/n) meet me by the football field during the break;) BlakeXx." I turned and said ok. He smiled and gave me a wink. -During break- "Hey Blake." I smiled. "Hey." He smiled. "Whatcha need?" I asked. "Well I was wondering if if you would wear my jersey to support the team?" He asked. "Sure." I smiled. He gave me his jersey but the next move he made made me freeze. He was leaning in..

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