Only One Love

When Skylar's Mum gets a job as One Direction's Hair dresser Skylar gets to go on tour with Boys. Will she fall for one? Or is it to complicated?


3. Three

'Knock, Knock!'

Was what woke me up!

"Arg WHAT!" I Yell looking at the clock next to me.

"8:33am!" I whisper.

"Its Harry." He sings i sigh getting up and opening the door.

"What?" I asked him putting my hair into a messy bun.

"We are in Las Vegas get up!" He looked angry at me?

"Okay grump ass!" I poke my tounge out at him. I search for some clothes and Harry is still at the door, smiling at me with his emerald green eyes i start to blush.

"Can i borrow a tee mine are all dirty." I mumble and he nods. I follow him to his messy bedroom i see Niall dancing with no top on which makes me giggle a little.

"Niall.." Liam points over at me laughing.

"This is the boys room." Niall jokes, Zayn walks out their bathroom with just a towel around his waist which makes me blush.

"Zayn we have company." Louis laughs, Zayn shrugs grabbing his clothes going back to the bathroom flashing a little bit of his bum.

Harry rolls his eyes giving me his jumper and a tee the says Mick Jagger on it.

"Harry's top will be to big for you, Love i will give you a top if you want." Liam asks i giggle.

"No i like wearing Harry's clothes..." I say as if i have worn them before... Which i haven't...

Liam nods as me and Harry leave their pigsty room and go to get some breakfast.

"I like it better when your nice." I smile and he nods concentrating on the eggs. I hug Harry wrapping my arms around his waist. He kissing my chocolate brown hair smiling as Niall and Liam walk down.

"I smell eggs!" Niall races down. I kiss Harry neck letting go of him.

"I saw that Miss. Styles." Niall teases as Liam looks down, he looked... Sad?

"Eggs are ready." Harry said cheerfully putting out six plates putting two pieces of bacon, a piece of buttered toast with poached egg on top and a cooked tomato on each one.

"Salt and pepper?" He asks me i nod

"Yea please Haz." I say sitting in my seat next to Liam.

"I already know you want Niall, bbq sauce, tomato sauce, extra salt, light on the pepper and the tomato juiced on the bacon just for you, Niall." He smiled doing exactly as he said. Niall smiled eating his brunch.

"Wow very Pacific for someone that eat almost anything." I laugh and Niall nods eating it almost instantly.

"Yes and Liam you like only BBQ sauce and a little bit of pepper." He splatters the BBQ sauce on the bacon and the pepper on the cooked tomato and poached egg.

"Louis likes extra salt, no pepper and just tomato sauce on the bacon." He puts the sauce on the bacon as Louis walks in to the kitchen, Louis licks his lips sitting next to me as Zayn was not far behind.

"Wheres my egg?" He questioned

"Right here." He puts the finishing touches on his egg popping it putting the runny yolk on the bacon and putting salt and pepper on the cooked tomato.

"There ya go mate!" He says handing it over to him

"And i like mine just plain." He smiles i nod heading over to the Tv room as the rest of the boys follow me.

"Its like a herd of sheep." I roll my eyes switching the Tv and on the fist channel it was on it was talking about One Direction.

"One Direction WWA Tour they're last tour? It looks like it according to these tweets and Harry has said in several interviews he has had enough of the early morning and all the hate? As Louis thinks he is going deaf well these five innocent boys not as innocent as you think. Some call them selfish sluts, man whores and many more words that cant be spoken. Teenage girls already ripping up concert tickets and posters after they heard Niall has given up on his loyalty to all his fans. Have the biggest boy band just ended up like Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber!" The news reporter says and Harry just cries and the rest of the boys are flabbergasted!

"But i never said i was sick of the fans!" Niall points out, Harry covers his face with his hands. Louis takes out his phones and goes on twitter putting his plate on the coffee table and he tweets:

If you saw the early morning news none of its true we love all of you fans we are breaking up because we have to its not actually our choice and none of this could've happened without you we love you all to death! Dont forget that you are family to us than just fans! x

"Hopefully they will believe the truth." And instantly heaps of replies to Louis's tweets saying:

•why are you breaking up then?

•yeah right just because we are all hating you doesn't mean we believe you since you say that!

•you've already ruined our lives dont ruin it more!

Harry cried as Liam pulled out his phone.

He tweeted as well!

We love every single one of you if you don't believe that we don't care we hopefully still have those special fans that do and even if you don't care about us we will still love you for all the support!

Amd he also hot heaps of replies which were better than Louis's replies

•@Real_Liam_Payne i still love you boys and i am ignoring the news.

•i will never give up on you boys NEVER!

•Just because your ending after this tour doesn't mean the fandom won't don't read the bad comments just ignore them.


I got off the tour bus and held Harry's Hand. He slipped a note into my pocket. Liam walked pass me so i grabbed his hand as well and started swinging both Harrys and Liam's Arms.

"You boys are perfection." I poked my tongue at them both. The boys were like brothers to me and it wont get any further than that.

"You my perfection." Harry smirks to himself , i giggle a little.

"You boys are some crazy people. I laugh letting go of Harry and Liam's hands. I ran up to Niall and jumped on his back.

"Shit you gave me a fright!" Niall squealed i fell off his back.

"Sorry.." I put my arm around his neck and stand on my tippy toes.

"Im taller than you now." Laughed at my comment and stood up straight and shook his head

"still a bit more growing to do sorry love." He smirked brushy his hands through my curly brown hair.

"Sky!" Harry demanded

"What?!" I turn around and yell back

He gestures me to go over to him. What now...

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