From a Fan, to His Girlfriend

She was just a fan until Louis sent her a message on KIK. They connected instantly. They both couldn't cook, they were alike in so many ways, and they love each other deeply. They meet when Ocean goes to his concert and sneaks backstage to see him. Will there be struggles in their relationship or will it be fine? Read to find out.


5. Work and a message

Today I have work. Ugh. I really don't want to go today because of what happened last night. Simon is so unbelievable. I have to go because I need the money to get One Direction tickets and meet Louis.

When I got to work, I buzzed in and got to my station for the day.

"Hey, Miah." I said to my work buddy, Miah.

"Hey, Ocean." She said while concentrating on her computer screen. I didn't want to bother her so I just walked to my station and got started.

Today we have a lot of orders coming in so that means we said it to the packing and shipping place to send everything to everyone.

If you were wondering, I work at Fresh Tops. Yes, I know it's a great place to work. It really is and it's really fun. I have so many friends here and because I have to send the orders to the place or whatever, I get paid more than I did before. I used to only update the website every three months so I really didn't get paid. I got a promotion last week.

Because of that, I have a better chance of getting my tickets faster and easier because the money will be ready in a month or two and I don't have to worry.

"Ocean? Can you help me?" Miah asked me.

"Sure. What with?" I then asked her.

"Well, we have fifty orders of 'Hipsta'please' shirts, but we are short five. What should I do?" She said nervously.

"Email the last five people saying the orders are going to be late. The website must have done something."

"Ok. I will. You can go now." She said. I then looked at my watch.

"My shift is over actually. I will see you on Monday?" I said to Miah.

"Yeah. Bye." She said.

"Bye!" I said and then walked out to my car.

I got in the car and checked my messages. Ugh. I have a message from Simon. I put my phone up to my ear and listened. He said:

"Hi it's Simon. I'm going to need you to fly to London tomorrow and I need to talk to you there. With Louis. I have something important that the both of you need to hear. I'm sending someone over to your location which I know and I'm having them fly you here. Have a nice day. Goodbye."

What? Simon Cowell wants to talk to Louis and I together. What does this mean? Why can't he just tell me on the phone? Ugh tomorrow is going to be a LOONNG day.

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