From a Fan, to His Girlfriend

She was just a fan until Louis sent her a message on KIK. They connected instantly. They both couldn't cook, they were alike in so many ways, and they love each other deeply. They meet when Ocean goes to his concert and sneaks backstage to see him. Will there be struggles in their relationship or will it be fine? Read to find out.


4. unknown chapter

Ocean's POV

Louis and I talked for a long time until he had to go for rehearsals.

*flashback to texts*

"Your welcome, love. I'm happy to be talking to you too. You seem like a very dedicated fan!" Louis replied.

"I am. You and the other four boys are sometimes the only thing that keeps me going. I have stayed strong just for you." I told him.

"Thank you. I'm glad you stayed strong. Without your support or any of the fans support we wouldn't be where we are now." He said.

"Your welcome, Louis. I'm glad I have helped you so much." I told him.

After that, he didn't reply. Because he didn't I decided to get a shower and study a little bit. I grabbed my clothes and phone and put them both in the bathroom. I unclothed and stepped in the shower.

After my shower, I dried my hair and everything, put my clothes on, and put my hair in a ponytail. I then grabbed my phone to check everything. I had a new text from Louis. It read:

"You have really helped me a lot, love. I don't know if I told you this, but I really like your name. ;)." I laughed because my name on KIK is Ocean Tomlinson.

"Haha thanks, Louis. How is everything? Sorry if I seem nosey."

"Your welcome. And it's ok. I'm doing good. How are you?" I was relieved because I didn't seem nosey in his mind.

"I'm doing good, but I have to go. :( I have studying to do for my science exam. Thanks for the chat. This had been a lot of fun!" I told him, but really sad I had to go.

"That's good. Ok. I have to go too, but I hope we can talk later. I love you! xx" oh my god. He said I love you first.

"Ok. Bye. I love you too! xx" I typed and shut off my phone.

When I was about to grab my book, I got a phone call. Private number? Who's that.

*phone call*

PN: Private Number O=me

O: Hello?

PN: Hello. This is Simon Cowell and I'm calling to tell you to stop talking to Louis!

O: Umm hi. First of all, I didn't text him first. He texted me. And second of all, no. No, I'm not going to stop talking to him.

PN: Yes you will stop talking to him. You are distracting him today. I took his phone to see what was up and saw that YOU were the reason.

O: Ok well that's not my problem. Its your problem.

PN: Fine. It's my problem, but you can only text him one day a week and that day is Sunday on his day off.

O: Ok fine. Now goodbye I have studying to do!

With that I hung up because I was so annoyed with him. Are you serious, Simon? I knew you were mean, but this mean? Wow. Just wow.

This is just a filler, but it will get better!! Love you all!

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