From a Fan, to His Girlfriend

She was just a fan until Louis sent her a message on KIK. They connected instantly. They both couldn't cook, they were alike in so many ways, and they love each other deeply. They meet when Ocean goes to his concert and sneaks backstage to see him. Will there be struggles in their relationship or will it be fine? Read to find out.


2. The Mall

Ocean's POV

"Yeah see you in 10 minutes. Bye." I said to my best friend Sky as I hung up. Sky and I are going to the mall today and I'm really excited. We haven't been able to go in a while with me having to work a lot so I can try to earn money for One Direction tickets.

I brushed my hair and applied a little lip gloss. I walked down the stairs just in time to see Sky waiting outside.

"Hey, Ocean!" She greeted me and hugged me.

"Hey! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!" I said to her and hugged back.

"Same here! I missed you so much! Even though it was only a short time." She said to me as we walked out the door to her car.

As I got into the car, I realized that I forgot my phone so I ran inside, grabbed my phone, and ran back out.

"Sorry I forgot my phone."

"It's fine." She said to me and we both closed our doors and she drove us to the mall.

When we got there we walked to Starbucks first and got our drinks then went into Hollister. When we were there I got three pairs of jeans, two dressy tops, and three pairs of comfy shorts.

"Now where?" Sky asked me.

"How about we go to Aeropostale! I heard Bethany Mota has a clothing like there and I would like to check out their clothes."

"Ok. I want to see it now that you said something about it." She said to me and we both walked to Aeropostale.

"Oh my god!! I love this shirt!!" The shirt said 'Can You Not?' "I NEED THIS!" I basically screamed and everyone looked at me like I was crazy.

"You do need that shirt! You totally do!" Sky said to me.

I also saw a necklace that said 'Motavator'. I'm a huge Motavator. I love her fashion and her personality so much! Bethany Mota is amazing!

"I'm done here. Are you, Sky?" I asked her because I had already checked out.

"Yeah. Let me check out." She said and walked to the counter to check out.

"All done!" She said and we walked out.

We went to Claires, Forever 21, and Abrocrombie to finish our shopping day.

"We done?" Sky asked me. She is definitely tired. I know by her voice.

"Yeah we're done." I said and we walked to her car. I drove because she was so tired.

When we got to my dorm, I grabbed my bags, said goodbye, and got out.

"Call me tonight if you don't fall asleep when you get home. Love you, Boo!" I said and walked into my dorm room and crashed.

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