Horans love.

A normal girl, who falls for the one direction god, but this girls different, he falls for her. Will they trust enough?


1. chapter 1;

I was at Starbucks, doing my normal shift.

It was a slow day. Very boring.

But there was a huge one direction concert tonight in the O2 arena. That's where Starbucks was located.

The bell rang and someone walked in.

'Hello, what can I get you' I said looking up from the counter.

No way. Niall freking horan was standing in front of me! Eek.

'Just a decaf mocka' he said in his beautiful accent.

'C-coming right up' I said still in shock.

The bell rang again. Louis had ran in locking the door so Harry couldn't get in.

'Feels like I'm babysitting' I laughed and niall laughed along.

Soon enough girls started to show up.

Harry was let in and the door was locked, and we lowered the blinds.

'How Long till your concert starts?' I asked

'About 3 hours' Louis said with joy.

'Well looks like there not going I give up anytime soon' I laughed.

'Dont worry we can go out the back way, all the shops link up, we can go that way and we will make it to the arena in no time' I smiled.

I had always been a horan lover, the way he just didn't care, it was just amazing.

Harry came up and sat next to me.

'Dont suppose i can grab your number?' His devilish smile got the best of me.

'Of course' we switched numbers.

'Dont forget me' I herd and Irish accent call.

We switched numbers.

'Want to see something amazing?' Louis said smiling.

'Sure' I smirked.

Louis lifted up the blinds.

'Stand here' he smiled.

I did as he said, and he placed niall next to me. I saw out reflection in the window. Louis placed his hand on my lower back. It looked like his was touching my butt, all the girls roared out in anger.

'Woah!' I said running and closed the blinds.

'They get so mad!' I yelled

'Thats our directinores for you' they all laughed in unison.

'We better get going' I said to the boys.

We walked along the long corridor, and finally came out into a massive arena. I saw Liam and zayn driving around in golf carts.

Louis and Harry rushed past me, running after the carts.

'Wait up' Louis yelled.

'There a real pain, you know' niall laughed as he sat on the back row. I sat next to him.

'You must love your life!' I said smiling from ear to ear, watching the boys running around.

'Yeah, it's a pretty awesome way to live' he laughed.

'Why don't you stay for the concert? And you can watch from back stage?' Niall said.

I turned to him.

'Yes!!! I would love that' I said hugging him.

After a few seconds he put his arms around me, and buried his head in the crook of my neck.

'Dang get a room' I herd a Cheshire voice call.

We broke apart our hug, and niall mumbled something under his breath.

'All boys backstage' a load voice called out On the speakers.

'Coming?' Niall said extending his arm.

I grabbed his hand.

'Lets go' I smiled looking into his eyes.

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