My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


9. 9


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I relaxed on the couch, and I arched my eyebrow, "This better not be long" 

"Why Do you always have to be so... Hard to get?" He leaned closer to me.

I smiled, "Now lets change this boat from north" I pointed to him, "To South," I pointed to me. "When I was Little I had so much... Problems. With me, my dad, and my mom. My mom was a Lunatic drunk day and Night... I don't know how she's still alive, My dad was accused for something he had nothing to do with. And I... I can't trust no one. After what happened with my dad, I just can't"

I shake my head, and I look into his eyes. "My Dad was always at home taking care of me, getting me dressed, making sure that I had food in my stomach, A warm hat on my head. Shoes on my feet. He tried his best. You probably have a great family, Your mom and Dad Happily married, siblings hugging you, Kissing you on your cheek playing games with you. And Me"

I shrug, "My mom passed out on the couch not even noticing my presence, My dad in jail probably having the time of his life! And Me trying to find my way out of this never ending woods called Life" I look at the ceiling. I stand up. 

"Your story is probably boring anyways... Bye" I looked at him and I turned around, and I left the room.


-At the office-


I sat in front of the principle. Trying my best not to fall asleep. 


"But anyways, I know that was pretty tiring." No Shit, "But Here this is what you are going to use from now on to e-mail your Pen-Pal!" She Handed me a laptop. My eyes widen, This is probably the second most expensive thing I own. "You could use the regular pen and paper. But I know you don't want to use that" She laughed. 

I opened it and I see, 'Hi Sunny!' 


"We already set it up for you," She said she picked up some papers, "And we also got you a Pen-Pal." She smiled at me, "His name Is, mysteryboy" Ohh, A He. 


"What Are we going to talk about?" I ask. 

"Anything you want, We will not snoop into your conversation, nobody can hack into it. Plus this thing, Is yours" She pointed to the laptop. I smile.

"Another question" She nodded signaling that I can say it, "Can I hug you?" I ask smiling. 

"Your joking right?" She smiled, I shook my head. She got up and I did too. I wrapped my arms around her. 

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"  I let go of her. "So I can go now?" She nodded.


I turned around and I walked out the door. 

"Umm, excuse me, but do you know where S|1 Is?" I turned around again.


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