My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


8. 8



I stood in the middle of the three people that were dancing with me.

The music started and I started dancing a couple seconds later.

I hope I don't mess up.




I walked into the office. Looking around for the principal.


There was a note on the sign in desk with names on it It had the title 'Partners For PP's'


I was about to pick it up to see who I was partnered up with.


"Don't pick that up. Principal's rules" I dropped the paper and slowly turned around , once I saw who it was I sighed in relief. Louis.


" I thought I was Going to get in trouble!" I Whispered. You Wouldn't think that this is a 'Quiet Zone' Place But It is...


"Sorry, Didn't mean to scare you..." He Said Grinning.


"It's All Cool" I smiled. " What Are you doing in here?" 


" Anni Wants you to meet her in the library." He said Waving me out side I walked out of the door and into the hallway.


"Who Is Anni?" I asked.


"The Principle! Dummy!" What?! Why would he call the principle by her first name?


We've been walking for a long time. I looked around and noticed that we were passing the library. 


"Louis, Where are we going?" I stopped walking. His eyes got wide and in one swift movement  he picked me up and carried me into the basement stairs.


"Put me down!" I yelled. I was dark down here and I did not like it. 


He put me on something 




The room Lit up. 

I covered my eyes And then Opened them to adjust to the Light. 

"If you are wondering... Your sitting on a couch" I looked around. There was books everywhere and dust... A Book Closet 

"Why Did You Take me here?" I ask

"Let Me tell you a story..."




327 words 


1,635 characters including spaces 

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