My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


6. 6




I felt hands on me but that did not stop me from beating her ass...

"Sunny Stop!" I herd Louis say...

"Leave me alone!" I yelled at him.

My Hands were getting bloody and it was aching.

I stopped fighting and got up.

I turned around to see Louis. His arms were spread out offering a hug.

I put my hands around him as tight as I can. My head was on his chest. 

I let go of him and ran out of the canteen. I'm leaving. To much crap in one day...

I ran home.

Still Without no car.

I looked at my hands still with blood... Welp (yes I spelled that on purpose) have to clean that up later...

I started to walk...

I was thinking about my dad...




"Why do you have to leave daddy?" I asked.. Tears forming in my eyes.

" I will come back as soon as possible, Okay" He said getting my clothes ready. 

Daddy looked at his watch. "Well time for you to go to school." He looked at me."Do you want daddy to drop you off or your mommy?" My eyes widen.

"No , no, no, no! You take me to school!" I said.

"Okay come on" He took me out of my pink room. Down The stairs  And out the door.


"Daddy are we there yet... I want to see Edo!" Edo was a pet that my teacher kept... it's a puppy!

"Hold on one more minute!" He said turning the corner."And...Were...HERE!" He smiled then it quickly turned to a frown.

"Dumplin' Remember that I will always love you and one day I will get out of this place no matter what just to see you." He smiled and reached to touch my face."You are so pretty hun' " He started to cry.

"Daddy don't cry..." I said.

"This is utter bullshit!" he said. My head tilted to the side.

"I love you daddy" I said

"I love you too..."




I think about that day all the time.


I found a abandoned grassy place. 


I went to there.Sat down on the grass.

I heard someone.

That I really want with me at this moment.

I like him..But right now I can't love him.




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