My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


5. 5





 " So what's your name?" Louis asked while he was eating a fry.

"Oh! I haven't told you?! It's Sunny!" Wow I have not been this nice to anyone...

"Wait The Sunny?" he said wide eyes.

"Yeah?" Is there something wrong with me being the Sunny??

"People told me not to talk to you... because they said... t-that you were a slut and a whore who always has sex... a lot" He said. I became really angry.

"And, who told you that." I whispered not looking at him.

"Abby..." Really... Buck tooth Abby...

I did not say anything. The bell rang signalling that lunch was starting.

I looked at the door to see people piling inside the canteen.

It took a couple of minutes for all the students to come in.

And of course Abby comes in all eyes on her. Her really pretty blonde hair is sooooooo to die for...

Anger bolted up on me. I put my hair in a tight ponytail which I will later regret (I get headaches very fast.) Louis seem to notice.

"Don't fight her... It's not worth it."

"Yes It is! She's the bitch here!" I yelled. Everyone turned to look at me.

"Well look at her. Sunny how are you today... Had your daily... how should I say it... fuck?" I smiled eyebrows raised.

"I shouldn't be the one that's taking. Rumor has It, that you had sex with our gym teacher... is that right? You know you could get kicked out, both of you... And what would I be doing laughing my ass off! Your Perfect little daddy would be so angry at you..." I said making a pouting face. 

"At least he's at home not in jail." She said smiling. I looked at her mad... Everyone Started to Laugh.

"You fucking, bitch!" I yelled. She laughed

"Oh Did I Hurt Little Sunny's feelings? Now that I think about it... You don't look really Sunny" I twirled her hair with her finger.


"You are going to get it Abby," I growled.

"Emo" Someone coughed. I looked at the person... And Of course it's her boyfriend, Brad

"Hi Brad! Don't you remember that night we both got drunk and did unbelievable things to each other? I think I know what you mean," I looked at him and He stayed quiet.


Now Before you think 'Omg She Is A slut!' He was my first time Okay? And After that I never done It again.


"So You Had sex with my boyfriend?" She Said eyes wide. I sighed In frustration. And I stood up on one of the benches. 

"Who In Here fucked Brad? From A raise of hands please" I yelled, And most of the girls rose their hands, Including Abby's Sidekicks. She looked around, her eyebrows furrowed, and I saw tears in her eyes. She Looked at me and Went up to me and Smacked me on the face.


The Whole cafeteria went silent and I smiled and I looked at her.


I shrugged,"You asked for it... Bitch"  






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