My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


4. 4

Hey Yall! 

I read All of the comments... All of you said to update, well Here I am doing it for you guys. 

Hope you enjoy! 

~April~ :)



"Hey What are you doing?" A guy yelled. I stopped and rolled my eyes then turned around surprised at what I see before me... 


I saw a guy with a brown quiff greenish-blue eyes. 

Oh Gosh

  I thought...

   Another Hallway Police Student...

He's pretty cute...

"Well Thanks...Your not bad either..." He said. I looked at him confused.

"I must have said that out loud" He nodded

"Well... What are you doing out here you have to be in class!"

I showed him the green slip.

"Okay so your going to the cafeteria, And taking the cart... Lucky..." He frowned.

"Um... You want to join? I got the whole school time with the cart!" I smiled

"Sure" He smiled

*driving to the Cafeteria*

"What's Your name?" 

"Louis, Louis Tomlinson " I smiled and he did too.



Sorry it's too short... ;)


54 lines | 207 words | 1,147 chars

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