My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


3. 3




    I opened the packet to the first page.



    Pen-Pal Packet

 Fill Out the 10 Questions Given to you below.


1. Name-

Sunny Marie Hawks

2.What are you most proud of-


3. What are you afraid of?

The ocean.

5.Are you athletic?

Eh, A little. I like football.

6. Hobbies?

Dancing, Singing, walking, Eating...

7.Do you smoke?

Yes, A little

9. How old are you? 






  "Your done with the first page? In a hour?" I nodded. She sighed.

"You Could Go Now I will give you a pass to go strait to lunch. Then I will call you at... P.E because I know you hate P.E and the Teacher" She got a green slip.


"I just hope no one gives me some bull-shit so don't be surprised when I get in a fight and don't give me detention." She smiled giving me the green slip.

"Yep, I promise... OH! and you could take the cart to the canteen OK use it until last period." OMG! yes I smiled.

"Ohhhhhh Yeah" I left and went next door where you check out the cart. 

'5563' was the pass-code 

I put in the code and it beeped after.

I went outside got the keys and walked to the carts.

"Hey What are you doing?" A guy yelled. I stopped and rolled my eyes then turned around surprised at what I see before me. 






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