My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


2. 2



I was walking to the principal's office... stupid ass teacher... I opened the doors and sat down at one of the chairs which had a table full of food which contained fruit, sweets, and pancakes. 


   I took like 5 pancakes and a paper plate, grabbed the syrup, put the it in one of those paper cups put it in the near by microwave and heated up the syrup for 10-20 seconds poured the syrup on the pancakes and ate it...until the principal came in. 


"You know you not supposed to eat those... plus they taste horrible" she said.

"Wait whaaa??" I asked literally dropping a piece of pancake, which made me look at it slowly moving it away from me. Man I took a long time on that!

"Don't be surprised, They were frozen pancakes anyways" She laughed

"So about the 'punishment'?" I said.

"Well me and your teacher talked and he insisted to have 5 weeks of detention but you actually did nothing wrong so I was thinking to put you in this program for people" she smiled I furrowed my eyebrows. Then her smile faded.

"What do you mean by people like me?" I said a little harshly...

"N-Nothing, It just came out wrong." I nodded. " I will give you a packet that you will have to do for 2 to 5 Periods... Including lunch and break." I looked at her, she is going toooo far taking me away form my break & lunch!

"Fine" I replied. She got up and went to the back to get the packet.




Sorry That It was short



38 lines | 309 words | 1,680 chars

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