My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


15. 15


Me : Where do you live?



Him : I live in California



Me: Cool, I do to. 



Him: What part?







Partner is typing...


Me and This dude that was assigned for me, has been talking non stop. 

He's pretty chill. I learned that his favorite color is black, he has tattoos, he hates cats, he has siblings. And he's planning to get his hair dyed. 


Him: I have to go to the shop. Ttyl?


Me: Yeah, talk to you later. 


Partner Left.


I sigh getting up getting dressed. 

I walk to my night stand where my mirror is placed and I put on some dark lipstick, leaving the rest of my face bare.


I put on my jean jacket, and slip on my Adidas. Walking to my car, my baby, my Tesla. I hop in, bringing my car to life. Pulling out of my driveway.


I blast my music. Consisting of my indie rock, as I drive downtown. 


I park in front of a tattoo shop. Killing my engine, I hop out seeing a white Tesla. Same model, different color. I chuckle and I bite my lip, walking into the shop.


the bells cling when I open the door, and I take off my jean jacket and hang it up. 


The small shop, plays the 1975 and I bop my head to the beat. I walk to the desk, clinging on the desk bell repeatedly. 


"I'm coming, I'm coming"  A dude said. He looked at me and smirked. 


"roses" I said, and he nodded mentioning for me to follow him. 


I follow closely behind me. He goes down to the basement and knocks 5 times. 


The door opens and he steps aside so I can go in. I sigh as I see smoke fill the room. 

"time to get high" I say to myself. 


I take out some money and I walk towards a guy, "Two Packs" I say placing the money on the table. He gives me two button envelops carrying, something  that I can't live without. 


I walk to a door on the side of the room, and the atmosphere changes. I just walked into a bar. 


Dudes whistled, I look around noticing only guys walking around, drunk and high.


I roll my eyes, "Stick it where it hurts, thristy asses" I yell at them. Making them smirk. 

I walk towards the back where all the booths, they were all taken. 


I groan, walking towards one, with a guy sitting by himself. 


"Can I sit here" I say, loud enough for him to hear. He looks up, and nods. 


We both sit in silence, him smoking, and me rolling my blunt. I glance up at him

"I like you." I say licking the end closing it fully, "You haven't said anything about my boobs, or how you want to get with me tonight. I really like you" I smile. "Do you have a light?"

I say, my roll dangling from my lips. He hands me it and lights it for me.


I let the toxins in my mouth, relaxing, I tilt my head up and I blow out the smoke closing my eyes. 


"I'm Zayn." He says.


"What?" I say looking at him, he has the same voice as the guy in my dream


"My names Zayn. Zayn Malik" He says, blowing smoke in my face. 


I laugh, "We need to hang out it's not even a question" I bite my lip


damn he's hot and I don't even know him









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